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Apr 23, 2002 02:21 AM

best lunch deals and chacacero

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I was wondering if people would mind posting their favorite lunch deals around boston...or even deals in general (e.g. Tim's burger and beer for under $5, $2 banh mi, etc.)
also, went and had a chacacero at the stand outside Filene's today. it's a chilean sandwich with either garlic marinated grilled chicken, beef, or veggies, and it comes with a nice spicy sauce, avocado,string beans, muenster cheese, and tomatos. kind of a weird combo but tasty and filling. anyone else tried it?

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  1. My favorite: a bowl of hot and sour soup with wontons, $3.95 at Mary Chung's (Central Square, Cambridge). They make the wontons by hand, fresh every day.

    1. I asked this question once and there wasn't much response. Chef Chang's and Chef Chow's have specials for $5-7 during lunch (as do most Chinese restaurants) and serve quite a bit of food (app., soup and dish), on Sat. too. Bertucci's has the all you can eat salad and rolls with a choice of personal pizza or pasta for about $6. The Thai restaurants have lunch deals too and there's always Indian buffets all around town. I think Redbones has an all you can eat lunch, Skipjack's has specials, etc.

      1. Finally found a decent place for lunch in Malden; Palmer Cafe, on Commercial Street, serves up Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, and they make a kick-ass kefta sandwich.

        1. Herrera's cart outside Macy's makes one mean steak burrito. They also have a full service take-out place on Temple. Very good Mexican for cheap $$$. Try the black bean soup.

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            And the full-service Herrerra's does fish tacos,which are excellent, as well as fish burritos...

          2. i love those chacaceros, the only problem is the line. i used to wait for 1/2 an hour, but they are worth it.

            i now work in brighton and can't get over there. there is a place in allston that makes them, not as good but as i say any chacacero is a good chacacero.