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Where's the really good falafel in this town?

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I haven't had falafel since I moved to Boston. Back home in Montreal there was a falafel stand on every corner. Here, I'm lost falafel-wise. Any advice would be appreciated.

Is Mr. Pie on Cambridge St. any good?

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  1. I have a couple of suggestions. First there is Rami's in Coolidge Corner. They are kosher so don't go on Friday night or Saturday. There are a couple of falafel trucks on Mass ave outside of MIT. I like the mom and pop one, I can't remember the name, but look for mom and pop.

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      There's a Rami's in Framingham, too. Excellent, and clean as ever could be.

    2. Try Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester st. in the Back Bay.

      They serve the falafel in a wrapped flat pita rather than a circular one, debate over this could be a seperate thread.

      The falafel balls are homemade, salad is fresh, and the tahina has the right flavor.

      1. Sepal in Watertown has the best falafel I've found -- light crunchy balls of chickpea with a very garlicky tahini in their fresh pita. Their website (below) indicates they are moving to/have moved to Nichols Street. Check them out....

        Link: http://WWW.SEPAL.NET/sepalCafe.html

        1. King Tut Coffeeshop, a block up from the Brookline Village T-stop, almost across the street....Esp. wonderful with hot peppers and tahini; a fabulous hangover cure!....Only open weekdays; I'll have to check on Saturdays.....

          1. sultan's kitchen. 72 broad st., downtown.

            the jaffa is okay, and the mit trucks are really pretty perfunctory, but ozcan's version is glorious (as is everything else there -- esp. the rice pudding).

            1. I have to second Rami's, on Harvard Ave on Brookline. Falafel comes in little balls which are not too dry or bready (common failings with falafel). Crispy on the outside, softer on the inside, perfect spices, served with a GREAT salad.

              Would love to try King Tut, but not only are their hours inconvenient, but the one time I found them open, they were OUT of falafel!

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                You'd love them; but it's true, they cater to the lunch crowd...They have the freshest tabouli, etc also, and often make their own lentil soup..(you should smell the cumin in the air on those day!)..The description of their felafel balls matches your take on Rami's....

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                  FINALLY got a chance to try the falafel at King Tut, and I have to say it was excellent. It's different than Rami's though. First off, it's the greenish variety (not sure if that has any bearing on the flavor - just noticed some falafels are green, others aren't). Second, it's in a rolled up pita (as opposed to Rami's pocket), and it's not stuffed with quite as much salad-y fixins (again, not any better or worse, just different). Tut's falafels are larger than Rami's little falafel balls. They are not as crispy on the outside as Rami's, but they are nicely moist. I think I detected a bit of mint in the Tut sandwich, which was great.

                  Thinking about it again, I think the pita roll is a better way of making a falafel sandwich than Rami's pocket. The big problem with Rami's is they put all the falafel in the pocket first, then top it with all the salad. You end up having to eat through the salad to get to the falafel, but I would prefer to have a mixture of falafel and fixins in EVERY bite (which is the case with the Tut rollup).