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Apr 19, 2002 11:01 AM

good brunch place near Wang theatre?

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I'm going to see the Alvin Ailey Dance group tomorroe and want to have a relatively affordable brunch nearby. Any ideas?

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  1. Dim Sum at Chau Chau (sp?) City in Chinatown.

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    1. re: Alan H

      That was my suggestion, too....
      Chau Chow City, 81 Essex St.

      1. re: galleygirl

        I work in the theatre district, and recommend the following quaint places: Garden of Eden on Tremont -- most call it the south end, but if you're walking, its an easy walk. Pricy but excellent quality.
        If Finale is open, they have delightful and decadent pastries. There is a french crepe place also on tremeont that is very good, and serves brunch faire -- Jacob Wirths, usually opens at lunch time, also has a good menu, serves heavy german fare. There's also a little place called "TOGO's" on Washington or Shawmut that has nice bruchy food and sandwiches.

    2. Try the Brew Moon, just down the street, for a good ol' USA brunch...

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      1. re: Bluebird

        Not there any more. Replaced by Rockbottom.