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Apr 18, 2002 05:41 PM

Fresh fish betw. Newburyport & 93/128 Xchg

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I work in Newburyport and live in the Woburn area. Anyone know of a place not too far off the main highways (Routes 95/128) to pick up fresh fish for dinner?

I believe there is (was?) a place on the edge of Wakefield/Lynnfield on Salem St. near the UPS site (can't remember the name from when I used to work in Wakefield).

There also used to be a place in Stoneham on Route 28, but that closed awhile back and it's now a branch restaurant of a North End restaurant, I think.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I think the name of the place on the Wakefield Lynnfield line is Baystate Seafood or something like that. Its still there. Take exit 42 off rte 128. Take a left on Salem St and its not too far up on your left.

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    1. re: Shaebones

      Thanks, Shaebones. But they don't seem to be listed in the online Yellow Pages...but I did find a Bay State Lobster Co. via 411, and a friend who lives in Wakefield said she thinks that the name of the place we're talking about on Salem Street.

      She also reminded me of The Lobster Claw on Route 28 in North Reading. So I might check the both of them out this weekend since family's coming in for dinner.

      1. re: Linda W.

        It is the Bay State Lobster Company. They used to have a huge wholesale market on Commercial street in the North end. I heard a rumor that the son is buying the father out and making in to more of restaurant complete with beer and wine.

    2. I can't vouch for the quality, but I have been meaning to try Andy's Seafood on Route 1 Northbound. I think it's maybe a mile or so north of Lynn Fells Parkway.

      Here's the Superpages info:

      Andys Seafood CO
      78 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906
      (781) 233-8880

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      1. re: Chris VR

        Thanks Chris. Another good place near home for me to check out!

        Coworkers have also suggested that I bring a small cooler to work and go to David's Fishmarket on Route 1 in Salisbury. So it looks like there's enough places nearby that I should be able to find something I like.

        1. re: Linda W.

          I was going to recommend David's too. Just be aware that they are a cash only business - no checks.

          1. re: humin

            "Just be aware that they are a cash only business - no checks."

            Ah - good to know! Thanks!

      2. Another few places came to mind, the Seawitch on Route 1 Northbound (further north than Andy's, and south of Lowell Street and Rte. 114) is a restaurant and fish market. I have eaten at the restaurant and everything was very good (and cheap!), but haven't gotten anything from the market.

        There is also Dakota Seafood and Restaurant in Saugus, off Lynn Fells in the same shopping center as J. Pace's. Again, have eaten in the restaurant and thought the fish was fresh although the preparation was mediocre. Haven't gotten anything from the market.

        1. i believe the baystate lobster co. is now called Joes lobster co. I eat great sandwhiches next door all the time at the countryside deli, but i have to say that that fish store smells so strong i have been afraid to eat anything there, and someone at the sandwich shop warned me too. But i would be really interested to hear if i am wrong cuz i am always looking for good fish too. I have actually had the best luck surprisingly with the Wild Oat natural supermarket in Saugus on Rt 1. Its very easy to get too, and the salmon and swordfish thus far have been outstanding.i normally hate supermarket fish. I looked in Andys and it looks very good and clean, but havent gotten back to try it but hope to. Seawitch is the best place for a good simple fish dinner around, but i havent bought at the store yet either. its a little fishy smelling too, but the restaurant fish is always perfect, so smells may be deceiving.
          When i lived in Fl, used to buy fresh fish off the fisherman, but i have heard that it is illegal here, in gloucester anyways. Does anyone know a way to get fish just caught, without catching it yourself?

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          1. re: chompie
            Joe Ciaramitaro

            I don't know where you heard it is illegal to buy from the fishermen in Gloucester. People come down to my dock all the time and buy lobsters and crabs off the boats. I think you may have tried to buy at the auction in Gloucester, but there are a number of small working waterfront docks where you can watch the boats being unloaded and see the fish, lobster, crabs all flapping around in front of you.
            You might try John B Wright Fish Co on Main St for fresh fish. At our dock(Captain Joes),boats unload lobster and crabs at 95 East Main St(toward Rocky Neck).
            Good luck and happy fish hunting!