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Apr 11, 2002 09:22 AM

Dim Sum in Woburn?

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I heard there was a China Pearl (related to the one in Chinatown?) in the old Weylu's near the Woburn mall that serves dim sum on weekends. Anyone know about this or ever try it out?

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  1. I went there a few times last year. According to my recollection they are not bad. I think they arrange for one of the chefs from the Chinatown location to the Woburn location on weekends to do the dimsum so the quality is very close to Chinatown. The place is very clean and nice, ample free parking, making it a good alternative to Chinatown if you live north of Boston and don't feel like driving down to the city.

    1. I've heard very good things about China Pearl's weekend dim sum, but haven't tried it yet.

      I have tried their lunch buffet, which was suprisingly fresh and hot, with a great variety of dishes. I've also eaten dinner off their menu and had the hubby pick up takeout, and have always been happy with the taste and quaity of ingredients.

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        Bill "the account"

        I've tried Dim Sum at the China Pearl numerous times and it's very comparable to it's sister location in Boston. Although the selection is limited compared to boston, the quality is as equal. They bring in 2-3 chefs on the weekend for their dim sum session and have only one chef all weekday lunch dim sum. Stick with the weekend session. In my opinion it's the best dim sum north of boston.

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          There's OTHER dim sum north of Boston?

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            Bill "the account"

            Well atleast two. The other one that's comparable to China Pearl is The Far East located also in Woburn. They're located in the Cummings Park properties and serve dim sum on weekends too. The other one is located in Andover. Name I will not reveal because the food is too suburbanize. Since the China Pearl open in Woburn, the quality and selection at The Far East has improved. The Far East restaurant is also owned by The Dynasty...well atleast 50% of it is. As a customer there's nothing like 2 restaurant going at it...especially if they're within a mile of each other. If you go to both, you'll notice alot more asian customers than surrounding restaurants...this is definitely a good thing. Personally I would have to give the nod to the China Pearl because of the selection they have available.(due to size of restaurant they have more customers which calls for more food = freshness & varieties). But if you want a buffet, I would rather go to The Far East. The seafood selection is outstanding!

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              i know back a few months there is another whole discussion about this somewhere
              i agree about china pearl, and they are really nice there. you might miss the craziness of boston. but if you like pleasant experiences, they will tell you what everything is, what is meat, what is veggie and bring everything to you that you personally express a taste for. and weekdays you can ask for anything you want even tho it isnt on the menu and they will make it for you, maybe not during the busiest time, altho we did have a problem during the week getting somethings different than what we ordered, like meat in what the waiter thought was veggie, so it might be more organized and a safer bet on the weekends. they do run out of some stuff early tho. But it is really good and really fresh. The Far east is interesting. they have a buffet and pass around with carts. the food is more unusual and greasier, maybe less catering to western tastes, but i dont know what authentic would actually be. Its worth checking out for the unusual choices altho china pearl food has a cleaner feel to it. i havent been to the far east since the pearl opened and it sounds like somethings have improved since. we were really thrilled with it before we started at china pearl