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Apr 10, 2002 11:22 PM

Vietnamese Recomendations in Boston?

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Anybody recommend any Vietnamese places these days?

I am a regular at Nam Vang, but have kind of worn it out. I find most of the Pho Pasteur's kind of lame.

My favorite place used to be Ducky Wok in Brighton, but it closed.



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  1. I think the best Vietnamese is in Dorchester along Dorcester Ave. Pho Hoa is my favorite for pho and Pho 2000 is the best bet for other dishes.

    Also Bahn Mi Be Le (again on Dorchester Ave) is a good choice for Bahn Mi and take out food. They are the same owner as that Bahn Mi cart in Thai Binh Market in Chinatown.

    1. hey, good news, Aram!! While I totally agree with fatboy about Pho 2000, a new place just opened in the location of the long-mourned Ducky Wok....Just opened 2 days ago, and it's called Pho Que Huo'ng...No, I'm not making that up!! I just cruised by last nite, and had dinner...I won't post a rave review til I've tried more than their Fish in Clay Pot and Green Papaya Salad, but on first munch, it rates higher than Pho Pasteur and Saigon; can't compare it to Nam Vang because I've only had soup there...But I AM going back tomorrow!! And it's _discretely_ BYOB!

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        Good news!

        Will have to give the Ducky reincarnation a try.


      2. I've been a big fan for nearly 20 years of Dhan Khan (sp?) on Harrison Street in Chinatown -- right next to the very good and overlooked Hong Kong Eatery.

        (I'm sorry I can't remember the exact name. We used to use a nickname "Donkey Kong".)

        The decor is a bit rough-hewed. Still, I consider their Curried Chicken Soup with Pork Blood the single most satisfying bowl of food I have ever eaten. I moved to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with hopes to find its equal. No luck.

        The "pork blood", by the way, isn't liquid. It's a semi-stiff, blood-based sort of ... pate, you might call it. A couple slices lay atop those hearty-good noodles. >sigh<