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Apr 9, 2002 12:41 PM

My banh mi experience

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So I made it to Mix Bakery and had a banh mi which was more or less a liverwurst sub. Did I order wrong? I asked for pork (and they first tried to give me one of those pork buns) cuz I thought someone mentioned a bbq pork one, but this was very liverwurst like, which is fine. Some cole slaw type veggies, cilantro, spicy stuff and spread for $2. But I remember getting one of those (before I knew the name) way back at a tiny Vietnamese place on Brighton Ave. between Osco and Camb. St. (it's a middle eastern place now), and their's was better I thought. Whatever, it's a deal any way you look at it.

Another deal are the puposas at La Puposa Guanica in JP. Finally made it after it being there for 3 years and need to explore that menu some more. Now I'm off for southern food and BBQ in VA and NC.

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  1. When I went to Mix Bakery, I ordered the "BBQ" one. I'm not a big fan of the 'regular' one because I don't like liver pate. It's very good, but the best one around is still probably right across the street at Thai Binh Market (I've tried both the sausage and the bbq one but I prefer the bbq one). You can see all the ingredients through a glass case as they make your order.

    I tried my first pupusa at a little Mexican/Guatemalan place on Cambridge street in Somerville a few weeks ago (Taqueria Tampico?). I really liked it, but as it was my first one, I don't have anything to compare it to. They had a great selection of "Liquadas" (?), blended fruit drinks (like Latin smoothies). The pineapple was the best one.

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      Bill "The Account"

      For great pupusas try Taco Loco at 44 Broadway in Somerville. They're excellent and come with curtido and a spicy red sauce. You can choose from 3 varieties. Has anyone else been here?

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        I've been there. I prefer the Papusas at Taco's Lupita on Elm Street in Somerville. They take forevah to get -- the place is really slow -- but they're worth the wait. My favorite kind is Rivueltas, mixed cheese and meat but they also do an all-cheese version.

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          Bill "the account"

          Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to try Taco Lupita's tomorrow for lunch.

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            I'll second the vote for Tacos Lupita. Soooo much better than Taco Loco. Try em.

            Theres a taqueria (can't remember the name) near the Independent in Union Square that is worth a stop too, and is also better than Taco Loco, but Lupita's (IMO) is the best I've tried in Boston area.

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              Hm ... not sure reviving posts from 2002 is the way to go here. But, the taquieria in Union is called Taqueria la Mexicana and they make great carnitas. I still hit Lupita about once a week when I can. Just curious, there are many more recent posts than 5 years ago.... why are you posting to this one?

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                For my nostalgic benefit !

                I miss Boston ....

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                  <there are many more recent posts than 5 years ago.... why are you posting to this one?>

                  It popped up, I replied. Didnt even look at the dates. Sorry if I caused offense.

                  CH needs to sort by date a bit better, would be my guess.