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Apr 6, 2002 01:59 AM

Honeybee in Wakefield-Excellent Korean, Thai, Japanese

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This place is so good i have to give it a plug, particularly since it is off the beaten path--its not even on the Main St. where 2 other asian places are gaining in popularity. Honeybee is small and casual, fairly sweet ambience, looks more Cambridge than suburban. Holds about 60 people?? Very very fresh and tasty and well prepared korean thai and japanese- really stands out from the rest. the staff is very young but extremely good service, excellent prices esp. at lunch. The yellow and red noodles are great, tofu is very fresh, moist and crispy. Tempura was best ever. Sent a friend who loved it too, especially the shrimp pineapple boat. Havent tried any meat or spicy dishes. Never had a bad dish or one that wasnt loaded with lots of fresh veggies and perfect flavor. They had a great special app. of crispy fresh rolls which seems like an oxymoron and i havent seen before that were fantastic. if its not there just ask and they will make it. Has anyone eaten there yet? Its worth a little trip i think, esp. if you are from the surrounding burbs and looking for something that feels like you drove to the city or a college neighborhood. Let me know how it was!

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  1. Since it's off the beaten path, please provide location, please?

    Do they deliver?

    How crowded do they get?

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    1. re: Karl S.

      It is right off Main St. on Center St. If you were coming into Wakefield from the direction of Melrose you would proceed to Wakefield center. There is a set of lights in the center of town on Main St. You go through those and Center St is the third st. on you right after the lights. You will see a sign that say Wakefield Police Dept. That is Center St. As soon as you turn onto Center you cannot miss Honey Bee's.

      I have never been there myself, although I live in Wakefield. If you do go please post a reply and let me know how it was. I have the menu and the prices are reasonable and decent, also they seem to have a large selection. They do deliver but not sure how far.

      1. re: turtlegod

        sorry i didnt get back here for a while. thanks for posting the directions! have you been yet? what did you think? you live here, its cheap, its yummy, whats stopping you??