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Mar 29, 2002 12:49 AM

Pizza: Sal's etc. (reply to Joe H.)

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Moving discussion from D.C./Baltimore thread (URL below)...

I've been to Santarpio's. Unbelievable, "had given up hope that anyone made 'em that way anymore" stuff. If I lived or worked in or near Eastie, I wouldn't bother to look any further.

Regina I haven't visited for years -- will have to schedule a return trip. Does anyone have an opinion on the North End vs. Route 1 question? (I'm not hallucinating, right? There IS one on Rte. 1?)

Joe mentioned a chain that originated in the Merrimack Valley, Sal's Just Pizza. Can anybody corroborate his thumbs-up on their slices? Does anybody know of any MA locations other than Haverhill, Lowell, Andover and Tewksbury?


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  1. Pizzaria Regina is different in the North End than the two other locations that I've been to. The oven, the ambience there's no comparison. I've even had Regina in Providence and other than the name could find absolutely nothing common. Sal's is similar. There's a Sal's in the D. C. suburbs but it has nothing in common with the original "Just Pizza" in Salem where they exist by selling almost exclusively pizza by the slice. (Sal's also does a big catering business especially to schools.)
    Along this line Legal Seafood in the D. C. area does not taste like Legal in Boston. In fact there are a number of items on the Boston menus that don't even appear here. But really-for me-it just doesn't taste as good. Olives which has become something of a national chain it seems is not as good in D. C. as the original either.

    1. Sal's is the best pizza I've ever had!
      One slice is a 1/4 of a pizza and their pizzas are BIG!
      My regular lunch there is a slice of Hawaiian with a bottle of Sunkist organge soda. Total price is $4! You can't beat a deal like that!
      If you're really hungry, be sure to add a homemade chocolate chip cookie (HUGE!) to your order.

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        Not having had dinner yet this evening a slice (or two) of Sal's would be seriously good right now. I wouldn't even complain if anchovies were the topping!