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Mar 26, 2002 03:48 PM

Need advice re: "Boston Area"

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Went to Gracie's in Providence, RI, last Saturday and started wondering whether a review is appropriate for this board. I also frequent the New England board and will post there, but I'm curious as to the accepted definition of the Boston Area as it relates to this board. Inside 128? Inside 495? I've seen posts here for Hampton Beach, NH, and a lot of Boston area residents consider Providence just another suburb (much to the dismay of Providencians). I know the Big Dog frowns on cross-posting, but I rarely see Boston Area board frequenters on the New England board (with the notable exception of C. Fox), and I wonder whether a posting on that board would reach people here who might be interested. On the other hand, I've seen way too many passing references here to New Haven pizza to think that all you folks are stay-at-homes, so maybe lots of Boston Area posters also read the New England board but just don't post there much. So how about it - what's the consensus? At what point would people here no longer consider a location to be in the Boston Area? Let the games begin:)


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  1. Hmmm...good question. For me, "Boston area" means inside 128. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I object to postings that reference someplace that may be a bit outside that range. Especially if said place has been previously mentioned on the Boston board for some reason. I don't know if a whole unsolicited review of a Providence restaurant belongs on the Boston board though...But JJP, I check the New England board frequently, and I wish it was more active. So post away on there!

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      I think reviews of places right in Providence belong on the NE board, just because that's where I'd look, even as an habituee of the Boston board, if I was looking for a rec for a Providence restaurant. Someone once wrote a wonderful review of a great Chinese dive in Providence's Chinatown, and I think the moderators asked him to move it to NE...No that there's not a lot of cross-pollination, but Chilibug is right, the NE board could use more action!

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        Maybe other people have the freezing problem and that's why it's not more active. That's my reason for not reading it at least.

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          You should post that problem on the "Site Talk" board, and see if the technical team can give you any advice for dealing with it..I once saw them ask someone to check the percentage, at the bottom of the page, to which it loaded, before it froze..They said that wherever that spot was, there was a javascript error in the message, and that that was responsible for the freeze..Once identified, it could be fixed....But then, I'm not a techie, so I may have it wrong...

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            I've emailed one of the main people twice asking for help but never heard back. I *am* able to read boards that freeze on Netscape on Explorer but it's much more of a pain for various reasons. At least it works in a pinch.

      2. My personal definition is inside 128, and just a smidgen outside of that: within the 128 corridor, if you will. But I would guess that between 495 and 128 is gray area - some consider it in, some out - but outside of that I would definitely go to the NE board. Just my 2 cents.

        1. Pace other posts, I would use 495 as a gauge rather than 128 (though I live halfway between 128 and 495). For just one example, I would consider Concord to definitely be in the "Boston area", though it is halfway between 128 and 495.

          Providence fits under the New England heading. While I don't think of Providence as a suburb of Boston, in reality Boston-Providence is one large megalopolis, much like DC-Baltimore (and Baltimore is not a suburb of DC). It's just that New England politicians/lobbyists prevented the Census Bureau from consolidating the two metropolitan areas into one like what happened to DC-Baltimore....

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          1. re: Karl S.

            I should have written that I live halfway between Boston and 128! Duh...

            1. re: Karl S

              Whereas I live just outside of 128, so am more inclined to stretch the definition. I see postings on this board about places from Newburyport to Framingham to Plymouth, and that feels OK to me. New Bedford or Worcester might be stretching it a bit. I'd search the New England board if I were going there, not the Boston board.

          2. I usually consider the Boston area within the 495 belt. I think 128 really limits it too much. Also, for some reason, I consider the Boston area all the way up to the New Hampshire border (Salem, Nashua) but I don't think of Worcester, Fall River the Cape, etc as part of the Boston area.

            I'm fairly new to Chowhound but I read both the NE and the Boston boards. To be honest, NE bores me both for the lack of postings but also because many of the postings seem to deal with either Maine or New Haven, which are two areas which I don't frequest often. Obviously, that is just my personal issue though. It would be great to hear more about other cities in MA and Rhode Island as well as in southeast CT. We need to liven that board up!