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Mar 26, 2002 02:08 PM

salads and tastes of a five year old?

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Going out to dinner with some friends on Saturday. one of these friends is pregnant and is experiencing some finiky-ness as a consequence and has requested a place that “has salads and would satisfy the tastes of a five-year old.” No five year old will actually be in attendance. I am at a bit of a loss. We want somewhere in the Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington area if possible, but I would love all suggestions (and I promise to post the results of where we go!)

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  1. Christopher's, in Porter Square (Cambridge) may fit the bill. They offer a number of great salads, and simple, kid-friendly food (I've seen many 5 year olds there over the years) as well as good vegetarian and carnivore options for adults. They readily adapt dishes for food allergies, etc. if your friend wants something simplified. Not fancy, not expensive. Great beers on tap.

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      I agree that Christopher's is a good standby for that type of stuff and will give my usual recommendation for the Miracle of Science. Their mesclun salad with or without grilled chicken is great. Green St. Grill has some good salads too.