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Mar 26, 2002 12:03 PM


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Anyone been? What's good? I'm going on Friday, and have heard a few raves and one pan.

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  1. I've heard mixed reviews, too. I think there may be some reviews below.

    I went Saturday for the first time. We stuck to the french basics. The cheese plate, which was good. Unfortunately, all the wine we had has inhibited my memory of the identity of the three cheeses. Oysters, which were good, but not great. The foie terrine was quite good -- EXTREMELY rich. My friend, who loves rich food, adored it. And, steack tartare. A tasty, respectable version.

    We didn't sample any of the entrees, but found these appaetizers all to be respectable versions of classic french dishes. (I digressed from the French theme by having a Guinness with my oysters. I LOVE that.)

    I know the atmosphere has been panned BIG time. Oddly, I liked it. It reminded me a lot of the bustling brasseries and bistros I've been to in Paris. Lots of activity.

    1. The service we had was pretty bad but entrees were fine (steak frites and roast chicken altho the skin wasn't crisp enough) and the pear tarte was delicious. It's okay but not on my must return to list.

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        I've been there once for a late lunch. I had pretty good time. The burger was pretty awesome, rare, good cut of meat, and bernaise sauce on top. I think my friend had a tuna sandwich with kalamata olives. Not as good as mine but good. A couple of Leffe beers made for a fine day.

        The small booths near the bar are pretty awful though. The tables are too high for the seats and the stands for the table block your feet in. I was uncomfortable the whole time.

        I do agree on the service. Mediocre at best. The food came out really slow and the waitress was nowhere to be seen the whole time.

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          I thought that my steak frites were pretty mediocre and the room, french transplant to a Cambridge parking lot, didn't have an intimate feel. I'd rather go to Brasserie Jo.

        2. There is an extensive thread below about Metro (about a month ago, I believe). I live in the neighborhood and have been twice. I had very high expectations after all the Amanda Lydon hype, and I have been seriously disappointed on both occasions. The food is consistently mediocre (with the exception of a very good 7-hour leg of lamb), the atmosphere is akin to an Epcot Center rendition of a French bistro, and the service is slow and ill-informed. Do yourself a favor: if you're in that area, go to Trattoria Pulcinella or the wonderful little Aspasia instead.

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            Where's Trattoria Pulcinella? What do they do well? Thanks.

          2. I'd have to chime in with the lukewarm crowd. It's not bad, but I'd like it to be fabulous if I'm going to pay those kinds of prices. I got the slow-roasted chicken which I'd heard was great, and it tasted great but the chicken was really tough. The house salad was huge with lots of interesting greens, although it included stems and was pretty unwieldy to eat gracefully. The bread basket was very nice but even when emptied no one came back to refill. Sigh.

            Last time I went I got the terrine which was indeed rich, and the squash soup with duck confit -- I'd forgotten that meant duck fat. And they weren't kidding -- there were POOLS of fat in the soup. I was horrifed and spooned much as much as I could off. Sure I liked the flavor, but eating spoonfuls of oil was a little much. Ugh. My friends' entree (which I can't remember what it was) was so salty she was unable to finish it.

            I don't mind the atmosphere but some find it busy.

            For similar prices, Chez Henri (on Mass Ave, closer to Harvard) does everything much better (with a Cuban twist) and has mucho atmosphere to boot. As does the Elephant Walk, also on Mass Ave past Porter Square. Or if you want straight French, yeah, Brasserie Jo is better.