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Mar 26, 2002 09:36 AM

To those who request info: how about some feedback?

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Quite often posts begin something like "I'm going to be in (location)...", or "I have (type of occasion) coming up...", or "I'm looking for (type of cuisine)...", and then go on to ask for restaurant recommendations. I for one would love to see these posters come back and tell everyone whether they went to one of the recommended places or not, and what they thought of the place where they eventually decided to go. A perfect example of this is Gabe Handel's review of the Southeast Asian Restaurant in the thread he started about Lowell area post-theater food. Not everyone would need to be that detailed if they didn't want to, but a few follow-up comments would be welcome. For some reason a lot of people tend not to provide this kind of feedback.


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  1. Makes sense.

    1. Good call!! I was actually thinking that yesterday. I was looking for brunch ideas, and I read some past requests for brunch help. Lots of suggestions, but never any confirmation of the quality of the place they finally went with.

      1. You seem to have a lot to say about how and what people should post...How about getting back to the chow and writing about FOOD!

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        1. re: galleygirl

          i believe that is what JJP wants people to do....

          1. re: galleygirl

            I have myself offered recommendations to posters asking for advice. My suggestions are almost invariably based on my appreciation of the FOOD at the establishment. Naturally, I am curious about the petitioner's opinion of the FOOD, should they decide to patronize the place I recommended. Since I see this board as a forum for the exchange of information, I don't feel that my request for follow-up comments was out of line. Sorry if I violated your concept of the board.


            1. re: JJP

              Perhaps I owe you an apology for posting too rashly. Sorry about that. I just didn't remember any postings you had made about any actual food recommendations, and since you had posted last week, for the second time, reminding people to post with addresses, it seemed you were more concerned about the presentation than the content...Once again, I apologize if I missed something..I searched, and couldn't seem to find anything you had written about food.

              As for my "concept" of the board, hey, I do this for FUN!!! I get excited about the places, and want to share...I usually don't have time to check my spelling, never mind get the directories out...Altho, everytime I have been asked, I have dragged out the phone book, and looked it up, because I love being a know-it-all...I've looked up charcoal addresses, Chinese grocery stores, and probably posted the address for Khao Sarn, like, 3 times..I think people post to this board for the enjoyment of people who give them feedback, and ask questions...

              1. re: galleygirl


                Thank you for your gracious apology. I suspect that we probably have more in common with regard to the content here than we have in dispute.

                I feel, however, that I must correct one bit of misinformation in your post. While it is true that I have posted twice regarding identifying the location of restaurants, on both occasions I was simply responding to threads initiated by others. Your assertion to the contrary, at_no_time did I request that reviewers provide the addresses of the restaurants they were reviewing. In fact, I specifically said that I did_not expect them to provide details such as address, hours of operation, handicap access, etc., but simply the town or neighborhood in which the restaurant was located. I certainly don't ask that people go to any extra effort to look up information which they don't have. It's hard to imagine, however, that posting "XYZ Cafe, in Cambridge" is more of a hardship than posting just "XYZ Cafe", unless of course the reviewer was kidnapped and taken to the restaurant wearing a blindfold.

                The reason you have had difficulty finding my past recommendations is undoubtedly due to the fact that most of these have been on boards for other areas. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed your many well written and entertaining messages on this board and have appreciated the amount of detail which you often provide.

                Quoting directly from your post: "I think people post to this board for the enjoyment of people who give them feedback...". Wasn't that my original point?


                1. re: JJP

                  Thanks; I clearly need to go chill and have a pizza:) ..

                  Okay, everyone, post early and often!!

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    Make that go have a chilled one and a pizza and I'll go with you:)


                    1. re: JJP

                      Are you kidding? On a day like today, it's gottah be red wine!! (g)

            2. re: galleygirl

              That's exactly what JJP is requesting GalleyGirl. I for one would like to know if the restaurant I suggested to people on this forum was well received. I believe if you come on this forum to seek out suggestions on where to eat it would be nice if you gave a quick review on the recommendation. I know it's a gratifying experience when I recommend a new place for a friend and they love it. I'm not suggesting everyone post a review just because a recommendation was made but if you go out of your way to ask for a specific cuisine, location and price it would be nice to know if your fellow hounds agree with your tastebuds. JJP is only making a suggestion.

              1. re: Ben

                Ah, nuts... I knew this is going to happen sonner or later. Ben is just a popular name...

                1. re: Ben C.

                  I think you should go with the Nutto Saro thing, myself ;)...
                  It comes up every few weeks or so, (I know, here I go, telling people how to post :) ) but this first name thing is confusing!! I thought Ben was Ben C..Can you guys pick wildly different names, so we can follow your posts?

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    I will work on it. Very indecisive about my nicks, haha.

                  2. re: Ben C.

                    There are indeed many Bens out there, and quite a few regular posters named Ben. Which is why we encourage all posters to not use a first name only, but rather to use a last name or at least an initial, or to choose a distinctive nametag. The many, many thousands reading your posts would like to get to know you and rely on your advice, and they have to be able to distinguish you from others in order to do so!