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Mar 25, 2002 09:58 PM

favorites in JP

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it doesn't look like there has been a discussion of good eats in JP for a while. I was just there this weekend for brunch at S____ on central street (across from bela luna). They had an awsome selection of french toasts (using pumpkin bread, ginger bread or challa, etc) and omlettes. I ordered the mexican polenta (i assumed it would be a soft polenta, but that was not the case), but was disappointed because it was pretty bland (I need to remember to avoid Mexican sounding stuff in this city). The bits of sweet stuff that i purloined from the plates of my companions were excellent, however.

So, I need to find out the name of this place, and then I want to know what other gems people are hiding in JP. My friend told me that a decent mexican joint is down the street called tacos charros (sp) or something. I ate a very good dominican place, but i have no idea where i was, somewhere near Green station.

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  1. I believe you are referring to the very good brunch at Sorrella's on Centre St in Hyde Square...Many good little places for dining for every mood in JP. El Oriental is a Cuban room with very good specials like the Friday night pernil (roast pork)although extra patience is required since nothing happens very quickly there. The 711 has a friendly Vietnamese style lunch/dinner, Sagla is a fun African (Eritrean)stop on Washington Street near Green St intersection, Pupusa has cheap and tasty fast food South American style, Tacos el Charro is the Mexican shop you mentioned but I have not been there in a long time...Explore JP's dining scene-I think there are dozens you will enjoy.

    1. Sorella's excels at the less ambitious items. Mexican polenata probably exceeds their grasp. But the french toast, pancakes, and the like are all good.

      I'm a big Tacos El Charro fan. Lots of fun. Good food. Pork and pineapple tacos!


      - James' Gate: Not quite as good as Matt Murphy's, and not quite as Irish either, but still has pretty tasty Irish pub food, including some more ambitious items. Good lamb and burgers.

      - Miami and Orietnal de Cuba -- someof the best Cuban sandiwhces around. Right accross the street from one another.

      - Perdix -- THE perfect date resturant. Small, charming, like dinner at the apartment of a good friend who can cook really well. A little pricey for JP, but actually very reasonable when you contrast the prices to places of similar quality closer to downtown. The chef, Tim Partidge, is certainly qualified for over-the-top stuff, but fortunately ahs decided that this quaint storefront is the best way for him to please diners. Smart choice.

      So many more . . .

      1. Centre Street Cafe has not-to-be-missed large portions of veggie-based entrees for very reasonable prices- can be ordered vegetarian or add chicken, shrimp or tofu for protein blast. They also have a daily pasta special, seafood special etc. They excel at locally and/or organicly grown veggies, especially in the summer months. Their weekend brunches are a neighborhood tradition- be prepared to wait (for brunch). Also, Bukhara is way better than average Indian fare with lovely ambience. Wonder Spice is Cambodian/Thai and quite reasonable though somewhat uneven in quality- some items are great- others not so... El Oriental (Cuban) and Miami Restaurant (ditto +) are both on Centre Street and both in Hyde Square- but are not across the street from one another... Perdix has the best wine list in JP (limited but superb)