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Mar 25, 2002 02:34 PM

steak and cheese for your consideration

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After dutifully sampling the suggestions of fellow hounds as to "best" cheesesteak in the metro-boston area (and having my memory jogged by psmithy-dude's arlington posting) I humbly submit the steak and cheese at Nick's roast beef in Davis Square, Somerville. Now, there's nothing that special about the steak (or the cheese for that matter) but it's the bread that keeps me coming back for more. Of course, one can get other sandwiches on this yummy crusty fresh bread, so don't feel confined if you're actually hoping to get into a bathing-suit in a few months.

Would someone else give this a try and hold it up to others they've had? I might be blinded by the proximity to home, but I think it might be the best.

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  1. Yup, Nick's does make a pretty good cheesesteak. Those would be my default meals when I couldn't think of anything else to get in the nabe (when I used to live there), and they always hit the spot. I was there enough that they knew how i liked my cheesesteaks. Run by a nice Greek family.

    Nearby in Ball Square, try the steak bomb at Victor's deli. I could never get past the chicken parm sandwiches there, but they're monstrous and very good, and messy as all hell. I've had a good cheese steak at Izzy's near Kendall square, but again, i usually go for the puerto rican food there. When I worked in the financial district, I found one of the better cheesesteaks at a place called Mike's across from Fanuiel Hall (between the Bostonian Hotel and the McDonalds -- can't remember the name of the street).

    1. Check out Carls Steak Subs in Waltham..55 Prospect Street.

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        Been to Carl's, great steak and cheese, quite a production, but rolls were too bready. I wish that they could improve upon the rolls.

      2. One of my favorite places for steak bombs is Joe's in Dudley Square. They are huge and so delicious. I believe thry also put chorizo in them besides the standard onions, peppers and mushrooms.

        1. I'm a fan of Moogy's in Brighton. Run by two brothers from Philly, the home of the CheeseSteak. These guys know their stuff too - great bread, excellent meat and they customize them to whatever you want. In addition Moogy's has some great fries and an amazing selection of other sandwichs (try the Phantom of the Opera!)


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            whoah, and they're not afraid to use the word "hoagie". If I can go in there, ask where the nearest "mac machine" is and order a hoagie, all without getting a funny look, I'll be in heaven. I might even make "those little happy noises" galleygirl seems to emit on occasion.


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              Oops, didn't think anyone noticed.. :)