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Mar 25, 2002 11:07 AM

easter brunch?

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Hi all,

I need some help. My family is coming into town this weekend from the burbs for Easter. We want to have brunch, and I need to come up with a few options for them to choose from. The qualifications I've been given are that it be "good food, not more than $30-$35 per person". I suspect that encompasses quite a few places! Since I'm normally not a brunchy person, I don't know where to go. Can I get some suggestions? Keep in mind that it's for Easter and that they don't come into Boston often, so if it can have that little something special, that would be great. I was thinking of the brunch at the Marriott Long Wharf. I've never been, but heard the room affords a view of the harbor. I thought that sounds nice, but how's the food? Any other suggestions?


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  1. I had a few suggestions when this was asked a few weeks ago and have posted a link to those suggestions below.

    Also, I noticed that last week's Calendar section had a few Easter brunch advertisements.


      1. I was wondering the same thing but will probably go to the one I usually go to, Boodles in the Back Bay Hilton. It's a relative deal at $26.95 and has a pretty good spread from pastries to the omelette station to carved meats and fish. The last Stuff@Nite had an article on brunch with a long list.

        1. We have decided that it's easier for me (1 person) to travel to the burbs than it is for everyone else (6 people) to travel out here. So we've decided on Chloe in Hudson for brunch this Sunday. I've had dinner there and loved it, and the brunch sounds great. So...I'll post back on Monday and let everyone know if it gets a thumbs up. Thanks for your help!