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Mar 24, 2002 11:56 AM

Has Banh Mi resurfaced in Chinatown?

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Earlier this month, there were several posts lamenting the closing of a Banh Mi place in Chinatown. Has anyone discovered any alternatives or found out if the owners have moved anywhere else?

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  1. Banh Mi Boston hasn't resurfaced, but there is a NEW veggie option! Across the street from Buddha's Delite, in the non-descript parking bldg., there is a generic Chinese bakery, old-style cofes hop called Mix Bakery, at 18 Beach St..We were walking past yesterday, when I spied a little hand-written sign in the window that said, "Vietnam sandwich". No other sign(in Englis), no other menu..Of course, I had to go right in, and ask if they did a veggie one with tofu...The woman was thrilled that I asked, whipped one right up, and it was $2...It was great, and I ate it cold out of the fridge for breakfast today, because i was too full from dim sum yesterday to eat it then!!

    I'm sure they do meat too, but if it's meat your after, hit Thai Binh...Of course, I miss all those snacks at Bahn Mi Boston....

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      Thanks much. I love the Mix Bakery! I've been going there for nearly a year for their steamed pork buns, but I never knew about their Banh Mi. I'll give them a try next time I'm there. By the way, their baked pork buns are great as well...a beautiful glaze and just the right amount of sweetness.