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Mar 24, 2002 11:27 AM

More NY Pizza: Stevie's

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Tried a cheese slice at Stevie's House Of Pizza (Boylston between Fewnay and Back Bay). A respectable, if not flawless, rendition of "NY-style" pizza. Not as good as Haymarket and Regina, but worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood and craving a slice. Loved the dive no-atmosphere, and the juke box.

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  1. For my money Santarpios in east Boston is the best.
    Reginas crust tends to become a soggy mess from all the oil.

    1. I agree with you, it's not Regina's but it is decent. One additional plus, it's open late night so you can pick up a slice or two after the bars but be prepared to wait in line especially now that IHOP is gone from Kenmore.

      1. I find Stevie's to have a nice crispy crust, but it's otherwise nearly tasteless. One thing's for sure, the slices are HUGE. I've found they will often give you a side sliver if your slice isn't up to snuff, size-wise, even if it is already bigger than the slices from most other places!