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Mar 23, 2002 08:16 AM

why no locations?

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As a relative new comer, I enjoy reading this board very much. I do wonder why often there are no locations, general or specific, mentioned in postings. A neighborhood or general address, i.e the North End, Watertown Square etc would help keep places in mind. Thanks for considering this respectfully submitted request.

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  1. Alexandra,

    I posted a similar question a couple of months ago and was admonished that this is a Boston board, and so I should assume that the restaurant was in Boston unless otherwise noted. Even if this were true it would include an area from East Boston to Readville and the mention of a specific neighborhood would be useful. However, I have seen postings like "xxx restaurant on the North Shore" which could be anywhere from Chelsea to the New Hampshire line. In a recent post C. Fox reviews eight restaurants and doesn't give a clue to the location of any of them. I think this kind of inadvertent oversight happens because there is a core group of regular posters to the board who get into the habit of posting to each other and simply forget that some readers are new or only visit occasionaly. Unfortunately, they just assume that everyone is already familiar with the restaurants they are reviewing.


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      Sorry, the poster I referred to was C. Simon, not C. Fox. (All you C's look alike to me).


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        No offense taken. I only wish I were as knowledgeable about the Boston scene as C. Simon seems to be.

      1. re: Jujubee

        This post basically says, we can't tell anyone who posts here how to post. Very sensible. As an all volunteer community, there aren't (and shouldn't be) guidelines telling people how to contribute.

        But Alexandra was making a request, and a good one, in my opinion. I try to post locations when I post anything, and get more value out of the posts that post locations as well. When I see read a post without a location, I always enjoy the info, but am less likely to search out the place mentioned, especially since I live north of Boston and am not close to many of the places mentioned.

        I do find that people here are pretty much always willing to tell where a place is if they are asked. So don't be shy- ask if you want to know! The worst that will happen is that no one will reply and you'll have to go look the info up yourself on And some people are helpful enough to give very specific directions, like for Wang's Fast Food (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving that info and introducing me to those WONDERFUL dumplings!).

      2. I always give a short blurb as to the street or neighborhood and agree that it's helpful.