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Mar 22, 2002 01:58 PM

Eat restaurant

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Has anyone here been to the restaurant "eat" in Union Square, Somerville? Any comments? Dish recommendations?

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  1. There's talk of the chef leaving in an earlier thread....

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      Yeah the chef left and went to Daedalus in Harvard Square. I ate there the other day and it was pretty awesome! I had the R.I. style calamari...great portions and the peppers had some real zing. I also had the lamb as an entree, my date had the seared sea scallops over Sardinian (?) couscous with grape tomatoes and sweet peas tieh pea tendrils. I was seriously impressed. We stayed and checked out the bar scene after dinner. Lots of Harvard grad and undergrads....the Cambridge beautiful crowd it seemed. Yet I digress...the new chef seems to have made Daedalus a spot not to miss.....

    2. Went there last saturday night for the first time, nice atmosphere but the menu was so limited that we left and went to the East Coast Grill. I believe there were something like only six options and I thought the prices were kind of high. JMHO

      1. Here's a link to an earlier discussion about 'eat'