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Mar 19, 2002 03:28 PM


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Just had some lunch at Shabu-Zen in Chinatown on Tyler Street. The food was shabu-shabu style set right into the table or bar. Great fresh ingredients, clean slick atmosphere and the friendliest staff around. Haven't had a great time like this one in a while. Anyone else?

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  1. We went there last Friday and I agree it was really good, really fresh, and really fun. My favorite was the Napa cabbage. And for those who were fearing the pork broth discussed on this board earlier, you can get vegetarian broth (as well as Chinese herb broth, kimchee broth, or tahi tod yum broth). I got the veg. broth (seaweed flavored, very good). It was very crowded and for thoese who were unwilling to sit at the counter (which I think is more fun becuase the broth bowl is then set into the counter rather than perched on the table) the wait was quite long.

    1. Just an FYI for those interested - Phantom Gourmet reviewed it as a "Hidden Jewel" this week so you can see a video on the menu and the interior of the restaurant:

      Also, they have a website:


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        I've got plans to go with a small group to Shabu-Zen in a couple of weeks. We'd much prefer a table, given that we will be six and would like to chat over our meal. Does anyone know if Shabu-Zen takes reservations?

        -Lisa LL

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          They took one for me for a party of 6 a few weeks back. It was less a reservation than a "We'll put you at the head of the line when you come in", but we didn't end up waiting long at all.

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            Thanks, that is helpful to know!