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Mar 19, 2002 09:36 AM

is Kaya worth a visit?

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Any fans or detractors of Kaya at any location (Cambridge, Chinatown, Brookline)?

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  1. Nope, have given them 3 shots, and they're out...Mediocre sushi and Korean at an upscale price, but most of all, service that is totally arrogant, dismissive, and ignoring of women, at all three places....

    1. I had a pretty mediocre food experience at Kaya, but the worst part was the service. It was pretty non-existent until a waiter came by and yelled at us to "get out of the parking lot immediately" (this was about 10 pm in the cambridge location). Huh??? We had to move our car while we had meals on the table or else they would tow us. It was the weirdest thing. I won't go back. There are better Korean options and WAY better sushi options.

        1. I'll add that Seoul Food on Mass Ave (close to Porter Square) is hands-down the best Korean place around. Don't bother with Kaya.

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            I think Seoul Food is good but I think Seoul Kitchen in Brighton center has the best Korean food in the area. Being a Bi Bim Bop snob, Seoul Food doesn't place a friend egg on top of theirs.

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              Yeah, but I've heard they just do lettuce in their hai dup bap..True?

              1. re: galleygirl

                I haven't had the hai dup bap but I'll look into it, next time I go.