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Mar 17, 2002 08:49 AM


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Hi again.....thanks for all your help a few weeks ago when I needed help with selecting restaurants for my May trip to Boston.

Has anyone been to Tangierino, a Morroccan restaurant in Charlestown? I like to try interesting, different cuisines, and I have Addis Red Sea on my list of possibles, but this restaurant looks like it would be fun, too.

Also, is Charlestown the area where the USS Constition is?



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  1. Was just there a couple of weeks ago. Great atmosphere: sultry, couches to lounge on in the private room, big pillows, and an adjoining hookah louge with great fruity smelling tobacco (I didn't indulge!). I would describe the food as "upscale Moroccan?". I had the lamb entree (their specialty) that was absolutely one of the best lamb dishes I have ever had, so tender! But beware, there is NO valet parking and in Charlestown, your chances of finding to parking spot are nearly non-existent!! Take a cab. And yes, the Constitution is in Charlestown.

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      Too bad about the service.
      Instanbul Cafe, on or near Stanhope St.good, cozy Turkish food. It won't break the bank.

    2. I had a terrible experience at Tangierino although I never tasted the food. My husband and I had 8pm reservation for a Saturday night. We were asked to wait at the bar. By 8:45pm I asked if we were going to be seated. The hostess laughed and said she forgot about us. She sat us down w/ menus 15 min later. We sat at table for over half hour and did not have any service event happen. No water, no drink order, no bread, nothing. We got up and left and people around us said "I don't blame you -- it's not even worth it" (they were getting slow service too but had been partially serviced earlier). I wrote a letter to the owner and never got a response. I've heard other bad service stories from there since, so it was not just that one night.

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        I'm sorry to hear about your experience, SEH, but I'm glad you wrote in to the restaurant.

        The food sounds delicious; I guess it's a crapshoot as to whether you get good service or none at all.....not sure I would want to chance that on a vacation.

      2. I've only been once - when it first opened, but really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is warm and exotic, and I'd recommend the lamb shank braised with honey - it was so tender. Other dishes I liked were the lamb sausages and chicken bistilla, and the poached fig dessert. FWIW, we had very good service the night we were there - the waiter was very attentive and spent time answering our questions about the food and culture of Morocco.