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Mar 15, 2002 08:51 AM

Spanish Grocery? not latin american/goya, etc, but from Spain?

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Is there a grocer around that sells Spanish food from Spain? Not Latin American specialties or other Goya-fests- but actual Iberian, European Spanish food.

Not that there's anything wrong w/ Latin American food, it's just that I know where to get that, just not stuff that one tends to only find in Spain.

My sister is gettting all nostalgic for Cola-Cao, and I'm wishing for some good Baena olive oil and/or some of that amazing whipped yogurt. Perhaps a Portuguese grocer might carry some of this, too? Anyway- please tip me off- I'd be most obliged.

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    I am obsessed with the wonderful food with Spain, but sadly can never find any of it. The best thing I've found is a website called They have amazing chorizo and excellent piquillo peppers. Hope that helps!


    1. You might also try The Spanish Table in Seattle.


      1. The original comment has been removed