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Mar 15, 2002 05:44 AM

Visiting chowhound with wife and kid

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I'm a regular poster to the NYC boards (and Not About Food). Now, my wife and I are coming to Boston for 3 or 4 days at the end of March, beginning of April. We are bringing our kid, who is 5.

Where should we go?

I am a totally adventerous chowhound, and interested in all kinds of cuisine. My wife is less adventerous, but not "timid" by any means. My kid is pretty good on eating different things, but needs a place where he can play with his cars on the table, and the service is reasonably quick, and where we won't be out of place.

We all like most cuisines, esp. Italian and any Asian.



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  1. There is a pretty good place in W. Cambridge called Blue Moon that is super kid-friendly, with a small play area. The food is fine , but a bit pricey, and the space is very comfortable. Great for reading the paper on sat or Sun morning.
    WE very regularly take our kids to Pho Pasteur on Brighton Ave in Allston. Excellent vietnamese soups and everything. (WE always get the tofu with chinese broccoli) There is a utalitarian fish tank that my kids like to sit near, however I find it difficult to explain when the kitchen comes to take one out!
    Also, if you like barbeque, there is an excellent restaraunt in Davis Square Somerville called Redbones. Very noisy and great painted tables and walls in the downstairs DR.
    WE also have three great taquerias. Low on charm but very high on taste. El Pelon near Fenway Park as great soft tacos and a playground across the street. Tacos Lupita is near Somerville Ave near Porter Square in cambridge, run by 2 Salvadoran women and has the best gorditas al pastor I have ever tasted. finally Anna's taqueria has 4 or 5 locations around Brookline and Cambridge.
    Good Luck!

    1. My boss and his family (a 12 year old and a 5 year old). enjoyed Tea Tray in the Sky in Arlington. They go out to eat and his wife said it was one of the best meals she's had plus they were great with the youngest. Even tho it's called Tea Tray, it's got some pretty fancy dishes. I was just at the Naked Fish in Watertown with my brother's 2 month old and saw a 2 or 3 year old around the corner and that seemed to work out well. I think most places can accommodate you.

      1. Although I know many chowhounds seem opposed to chain restaurants, I would suggest considering Legal Seafood. There is one across from the Aquarium, and others in Boston and Cambridge. They have a good selection on the kids menu, including fish shaped cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, which my daughter loves. This comes with a vegetable and watermelon, and is priced reasonably. They also have a kids salad on the menu, which is fresh and low-priced. Have fun.