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Mar 14, 2002 08:01 PM

North End: girls just wanna have fun party?

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Dear Friends:

Anyone have ideas for a mid-range, not too trendy, pleasant restaurant for a 15th birthday party for six to eight girls in the North End?
All suggestions taken seriously and with gratitude.


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  1. Piccola Venezia. Not exorbitant, not too trendy. Traditional southern italian, with some good specials. Nice decor, photos of the owners Italian family. It gets busy, so try to go off hours.

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      Joe Tecce's is also a good bet. Nothing on the menu to frighten the teenagers and they do a nice job with larger parties.

    2. I went to Bella Vista with a convention group of about 25 people. They had a beautiful room that was big enough to fit us all comfortably and with some privacy on the second floor and I remember the calamari in particular was fantastic.