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Mar 14, 2002 08:56 AM

best SAMOSAS in cambridge/boston?

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Hi - I'm planning a birthday brunch at my house with Indian food, particularly SAMOSAS. Who makes the best, most authentic ones? I've been told that a good samosa could rip out your heart!

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  1. I've only gotten them at the little market on Harvard St. in Coolidge Corner, a few doors from the Corrib Pub. They're quite good as far as I can tell.

    1. India Palace in Union Square Somerville makes a crisp, flavorful veggie samosa (I don't care for meat samosas). If you want take out for other dishes for your party, this is definitely the place. They use lots of fresh coriander, ginger, and garlic and fresh ingredients in general--the flavors are all the more vibrant for it. The dishes are not simply tired and gloppy as at lesser restaurants. Their take-out menus have coupons for take out orders, so grab one before you order. Some of my favorites: excellent navratan korma, creamy malai kofta, juicy tandoori chicken (it's often too dry elsewhere). Their soups are quite flavorful too. I often find the soup to be the most disappointing dish, but their's are nicely spiced. If you eat in, the palace special dinners (soup, apps, entrees, bread, raita, dessert) are a great deal. My only complaint: the gulab jamun dessert was dry last time I was there.