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Mar 13, 2002 04:33 PM

Steak, Cigars and Drinks

  • j

Any cool place to go with the guys for some steaks, cigars and drinks?

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  1. sounds like you want the Capital Grille or Grill 23.

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    1. re: ellie

      The Oak Room would serve the purpose too.

      1. re: Joanie

        Any good spots in metrowest, with or without the food to enjoy a cigar?

        1. re: mike

          Try Victory Cigar in Sudbury on Rt. 20 - no food but a good small bar.

    2. Sounds like if you want to be a little loud, The Palm may better suit. The service is good but a bit more relaxed than Grill 23/Capitol Grill.

      1. If you want a fairly formal night of dining, I'd go with the recs for the Oak Room or Capitol Grill. If you're a bunch of 20-somethings going for the Rat Pack vibe, I'd go to Abe and Louie's on Boylston.