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Mar 13, 2002 04:32 PM

Blue Ginger

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Any thoughts? Recommended dishes? Is Ming Tsai ever there?

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  1. The tuna sushi as an app was great, big hunks of quality tuna. My girlfriend had the salad with the hearts of palm and that was really good. I had a mushroom/chestnut soup that was rather bland. All in all I found the appetizers, soup and salads good but not the best fusion-type I'd had in Boston. However, the entrees were fantastic. I had a black pepper lobster with lemongrass fried rice that was outstanding. I think my girlfriend had a sea bass, I don't remember exactly. We'd eaten the week before at Elephant Walk and decided that the two restaurants were comparable and that in a perfect world, we would have had appetizers at elephant walk and entrees at Blue Ginger. And yes, Ming was there in the open air kitchen and sitting in the lounge as we left talking with some people. Quite a tall guy.

    1. Went to Blue Ginger in October, so this probably won't be much help (I barely remember this morning). I had the miso-marinated butterfish which was very, very good. Melt-in-your-mouth fish, cooked perfectly -my husband and I always split our meals and I had a difficult time sharing this dish. He ordered lobster - the butterfish was definitely the way to go. I don't recall what appetizers we enjoyed except for the Foie Gras-Shiitake Shumai - I could eat this for every meal. Lovely shumai served in a delicious broth. Service was good, not great.

      1. The foie-gras shitake shumai app is amazing. Definitely a must-have. Last time I was there (two weeks ago), I had the scallop and rissoto entree. Out of this world. I also sampled the butterfish and the hanger steak. Both were exquisite. And I've heard good things about the lobster. Desserts have been good but not great in my opinion.

        I've been there 4 times and Ming was in the restaurant 3 of them.

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        1. I ate there twice; the more recent time was in January. Both times I had the lobster dish, and I highly recommend it. The mixed green salad is big enough to share, especially if you get another appetizer. We had the creme brulee for dessert, and enjoyed it- a generous portion, with a few homemade cookies on the side. We saw Ming there the first time, but not last time.

          1. I've been there twice. Once for lunch. (Had a wonderful chicken salad) Once for dinner. Both experiences were excellent. Ming was there when we went for dinner. He actually spent a good deal of time helping us choose what to eat as well as what wines would go well with our choices. If he is in town, he's there for dinner. We had the lobster and the Chilean Sea Bass. Both were outstanding. If they have the sea bass, get it. Ming said he might be taking it off the menu as that particular fish is becoming overfished.

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              Or.. you could have a concience and NOT get the Chilean Sea Bass. I suppose you might as well get it while you can though because in antoher 2 years you'll never see it again.