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Mar 13, 2002 04:22 PM

Buzzy's closing and late night dining

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So I read today that Buzzy's at MGH closed it doors. Now admittedly, Buzzy's food hasn't been anything to talk about for a long time now but it has been a part of the late night scene in Boston for over thirty years. Boston is already lacking in late night (and by late night I mean at least midnight or 1am) food alternatives but with the closure of Buzzy's it seems there are truly few choices left.

I did a quick search through the board and found a couple of discussions on Boston late night dining. The leading choices seem to be the Franklin Cafe, the Blue Diner and a couple of places in Chinatown. Is that really it? Personally, I'm typically leaving the city and heading towards Somerville and it just seems like there have to be some other choices out there which aren't in the opposite direciton. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. What about Dolly's in Davis Square? Is that place still going? They used to do breakfast all night, among other things.

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      Dolly's is closed, replaced by a seafood place called Out of the Blue. I think that the B-Side Lounge serves until at least midnight, but I am not positive.

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        For the record, Out of the Blue really sucks. It's the worst kind of generic vaguely Italian-American seafood restaurant with squishy bread and mushy pasta in watery sauce.

    2. Christopher's in Porter Sq serves food until midnight.