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Mar 13, 2002 01:18 PM

From Boston to Weirs Beach NH .. what to eat?

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As some of you may be aware I lead a life of reckless insanity in utterly solipsistic pursuit of pleasure.
To this end I am planning my next descent into a world of wanton and debased self-gratification this weekend when I intend to travel to a place called Funspot in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire.

Since this is a family-friendly site I'll spare the details of my plans at this place but let's just say part of it involves playing Pole Position, Qix, Centipede, Star Wars (the old vector graphics version), Asteroids, and Zaxxon until my eyes bleed. If there's anything left in me I might even play skeeball. Bear in mind that this is the venue at which the "Perfect Game" of Pacman was played. As I'm sure you can imagine, the debauchery will rival even the Pink Palace on Corfu.

So here's the salient bit (finally).... While I am fully capable of getting myself to Weirs Beach I must confess to a complete ignorance regarding where I should eat on this trek. The journey will take me up Rt. 93 to exit 23 (New Hampton/Bristol) and then east on 104 for a while. Are there any places/foodstuffs along the way that I absolutely have to try? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dorian Grey,

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  1. In Weirs Beach itself (if I remember correctly, across the street from the Weirs Beach Waterslides -- I take it if you're going to Funspot, you'll know where that is), there's a place called Lobster Pound. Good lobster, not that expensive.


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      Lynne Hodgman

      I grew up in Laconia (groan?) and the onion rings (thin and crispy) and fried clams (juicy and crispy) from the Weirs remain fondly in my taste-bud-memory. I think you can still get them right on the "boardwalk" at one of the places run by the Ames family. If you find them, enjoy some for me!

    2. A good breakfast place on 104 is Bobby's Girl, on the left side of the road. You can't miss it; it's designed after the old diners and has typical diner food. The place always does a great business, but I have only tried breakfast. I'm usually only in the area during summertime, but there is a great clam shack-type joint right up the street from the Funspot at the corner of Parade Rd., I think, but I'm not sure if it's open this time of year. I like their fried clams. Have fun!

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        The clam place is called Tamarack, I believe. And their lobster rolls used to be great, but last summer had an awful lot of crayfish tails masquerading (poorly) as lobster! But clams and fries and frappes are really good.

        North of the Weirs (or the Wee-ahs, as locals might pronounce it) is the charming lakeside town of Meredith, and in Meredith is a really great local cafe called George's. Outstanding breakfasts in a non-descript building. Fried stuffed french toast - need I say more? Jane and Michael Stern endorse the joint, if that is of interest to you. Last time I was there, I had creamed chipped beef on homemade toast that put me out of commission, in a lovely way, for the rest of the morning. Meredith is a pretty little burg to stroll around in, in order to work of that french toast.

        -Lisa LL

        1. If I was driving up there, I would have to go to Hart's Turkey Farm in Meridith (right up the road).