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Mar 13, 2002 12:46 PM

Quincy Restaurants?

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Would love ideas and opinions about good/great restaurants in the Quincy area! I have had a hard time finding any but am hoping that I have just been looking in the wrong places. Any flavor works for me!

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  1. Pretty slim pickings in Quincy, but here are a few ideas:
    1. Naked Fish (on Adams St)
    2. Siro's (Marina Bay)--Italian
    3. Tullio's (Hancock St)--Italian
    4. La Paloma (Newport Ave)--Mexican
    There's a new place in Quincy Center (can't recall the name) that just got a good review in the Globe South Shore section, for whatever that might be worth.
    Burke's Seafood, on Billings, is a great little fish place, makes wonderful lunches and has an excellent selection of fresh seafood. They also do prepared stuff, which I've never tried.
    In the summer, don't miss The Clam Box on Wollaston Beach, if you like fried clams and such. No beer.
    Boston's Chinatown's not far; Les Zygomates, in the Leather District, is quite good.You might think what with all the Chinese immigration to Quincy there'd be a good Chinese restaurant but you'd be wrong. I kind of like the takeout place next to La Paloma but others don't.
    You can email me at if you want

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      A Casual Fan

      A local office worker's (basic) lunch ideas:

      Barry's Deli (on Beale St?) in Wollaston, if you're looking for lunchtime comfort foods.

      Montclair, on Squantum. Good sandwich selection.

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        A Casual Fan

        See the link below for another "Quincy" thread that may give you some ideas as well.


    2. Actually, Quincy is starting to come around in restaurants.

      -Punjab on Southern Artery.
      -India Classic on Hancock St (inside the Quincy Cinema complex).

      -Great Chow on Beale St. Not Chinatown but,
      good food. Best I've had outside of Chinatown, anyway.

      -Thai Little Duck on Granite St (Near TJMaxx). Very good and flavorful. Interesting menu. Not the run of the mill Thai. It is primarily take out but, have some tables.

      -Fiji on Hancock St. Decent sushi if you don't feal like going to Boston or Brookline. I believe it is currenty closed for renovations and is scheduled to re-open sometime in April.

      -El Sarape on Commercial St in Braintree. Just follow Quincy Ave towards Braintree. Located at botton of the hill after the Quirk car dealership. The area is known as Weymouth Landing.
      -A Fajitas & Ritas is going to open up in Quincy Center near T station. Don't know much about it except it's popular in Boston and Brookline.

      -Generos Eatery on Blanchard Rd on corner of Quincy Av. Good hometown Italian w/ creative brick oven pizza's. Not shy on the garlic.

      For interesting sandwiches:
      -Quincy Food Club on Cottage St (near Quincy Center). Run by a Turkish family. Lots of interesting sandwiches/pitas like grilled chicken w/sundried tomatoes, avocado and hummus.

      I you like grazing try International Buffet on Quincy Ave. It's not bad for a buffet and I'm generally not a fan of buffets. They have a huge variety of food including seafood and stuff I'd only find in Chinatown. They have a substantial Asian clientel.

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        You forgot LaPaloma, Mexican fare, Newport Ave in a strip mall near Stop&Shop and Wendy's. Hope you can survive the lines on weekends. Great 'ritas and salsa, excellent, authenitic food.

        A newbie is Alba, Hancock Street, Quincy Center, reviewed this past weekend in Boston Globe South Weekly section. Sounds good.

      2. d

        Alfredo's. Neighborhood restaurant. Some like it, some not. Not.
        Anna's Hungarian Kitchen. Did not like at all.
        Amelia's Marina Bay. Last resort.
        Bad Abbots. Bad.
        Brigadon's ? not sure if still there, but did not like.
        Cathay Pacific. yo hum.
        Colonial 1600. This is family-owned been around for years. Great meals. Mixed menue, but lots of Greek dishes.
        Common Market is just wonderful.
        Finians. Another used to be good neighborhood place.
        Some like it; some not. Not.
        Fishbone's Marina Bay. Wonderful.
        Fours Restaurant and Sprts Bar. good variety; never disappointed.
        Fowler House. Neighborhood one. done over. ok.
        Golden Bowl. ho hum.
        Great Chow is one of the greatest for Chinese.
        Grumpy White's. Neighborhood restaurant. Solid.
        Inn at Bay Point. Depends on when you go.
        International Buffet. Best buffet. Something for everyone.
        Kelley's Washington Street, Weymouth (not the original.) Good neighborhood restaurant.
        Kelly's Landing, the Original One. and not the same.
        Naked Fish. So many wonderful treats here.
        Outback. Is an Outback.
        Pacini's is marvey. Great food.
        Pearl's now Abba. Have not retried. Hope better than Pearl's
        Pizza Hut. good for the kids.
        Punjab Cafe. Never been. ?
        Quincy Adams. If you want to be abused and meals not so great.Siro's Marina Bay. Great.
        Raffael's. Nice.
        Tullio's is great.
        Villa Rosa. Good but prices for Italian.
        XXOO. O.k.
        There are another dozen or so around, but neighborhood pub types.

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        1. re: DiningDelight

          I'm disapointed that you didn't like Anna's Hungarian Kitchen. I've been meaining to try it out. Phantom Gourmet gave it a "Great 8". I still intend to try it out but, maybe you can let me in on what you didn't like about it.

        2. Hit either Fat Cat or The Jury Room. Both new in the area but both are well worth the visit. They are located right across the street from each other in Quincy center by the court house.

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          1. re: hungryhippoo

            Nice thread bump! :-D Hit the ol' wayback machine for this one, no?

            I'm thinking that the OP is no longer looking at this thread (and indeed is no longer a "Quincy newcomer") considering this post is more than 6 years old.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              Much of the 2002 information from this thread is no longer valid, and I would do a search for Quincy for current information before relying on anything contained therein.

              1. re: chowfamily

                Two good places to try in Quincy: Eatin Healthy in Quincy Center has terrific sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, salads. Very fresh. Over in West Quincy is a new ice cream shop--Mama Scoops. Concrete atmosphere, but excellent ice cream. On Willard Street between Curry Hardware and Home Depot.

                1. re: dcafe

                  Oooh, didn't know about this ice-cream shop. Thanks for the heads up.