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Mar 11, 2002 11:10 AM

New York-style pizza

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Moved north to Boston a few years ago and have been searching for New York (or Jersey Shore)-style pizza. For those that don't know it is usually a large, very thin, pizza that one eats by folding up to keep the cheese from dripping. It can be the best pizza in the world and I have a craving that sometimes won't wait for a trip south. Any ideas around/in Boston?

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  1. These discussions usually lead to some very strong words, but I'll take a shot:

    Haymarket Pizza near Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall

    Pinnochio's on Winthrop St in Harvard Sq. (in fairness, I haven't been in a few years)

    Santarpio's in E. Boston.

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    1. re: Alan H

      Oops - just rolled down the postings and saw the battle to which you referred. Thanks for taking the chance. I will sample the three and post my take!

      1. re: pizzafanatic

        I never knew it was NY style, but you just described the pizza John's Bakery in Roslindale Square( Poplar St.)

        1. re: rossidude

          If it's thin crust you're after try the aformentioned Upper Crust on Charles Street in Boston.
          The white clam pizza is very good: thin burnt crust, plenty of minced clams, garlic, pecorino/romano cheese. No tomato sauce, thank you!


    2. Pinnochio's is definitely NOT NY style! It is thick and cut into squares. My opinions for the best thin crusts in town are Emma's and Upper Crust. These places are a little more pricey, but well worth it to get fresh ingredients, gourmet toppings, and herbs that result in bursting-in-your-mouth flaovorful goodness. Emma's is between MIT and Central Square in Cambridge on Hampshire St. and is closed Sun, Mon, and Sat. afternoon. Upper Crust ( is on Charles Street in Beacon Hill near the public garden. They are both small and have a great atmosphere. Most Bostonians are huge fans of Pizzeria Regina ( the North End. It was good, but much more greasy than I like, to where the crust was sopping. Enjoy!

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      1. re: pizzachic

        Don't know exactly what defines "NY style," but Pinnochio's may qualify. While Noch's offers a thick, square piece (the Sicilian described by pizzachic), they also offer a thin, gooey, wonderful thin crust regular. Not sure if it's NY, but it's a darn good pie.

        1. re: Justin

          Thank you, I have been vindicated! :)

        2. re: pizzachic

          Thanks for the cut. Pinnochio's DEFINITELY did used to have NY style as well as Sicilian (that's the square ones). Maybe they still do, maybe they don't anymore. As my previous post stated, I haven't been there in a few years, but I was recently told they still have slices of round pizza.

          1. re: pizzachic

            Emma's isn't really NY-style; it's more California pizza than anything else. I'd second Santarpio's as the closest thing you'll find in the Boston area to NY pizza, and the best pizza in Boston to boot.

            1. re: Seth

              I'll third Santarpio's and add Vici in Brookline to the mix. Vici opened about a year ago in the space in front of the Coolidge Corner Theater, and it is very good and extremely similar in style to Santarpio's. I'm originally from Long Island and those two places come closest to the style that I grew up with.

              1. re: Chris VR

                Emma's is some of the worst pizza around, and nothing remotely like ny style.

                Try Santarpio's in Eastie, or Stella's in Watertown

          2. La Hacienda has the kind of pizza you are looking for. They are located on Gore St., E. Cambride just past the bridge on your right if heading toward Lechmere Sq. from Somerville side. It is a little hole in the wall and even has the sawdust on the floor but the food is fantastic.

            1. As an ex-New Yorker, I too miss that sensation of the olive oil running down my arm from the back of the fold. As long as you are doing the research, don't forget to come back and post the results (especially if you find comparable pizza) for the edification of the rest of us transplants.
              John P.

              1. I didn't know that the thin crust pizza that I had been eating all of these years was called New York Pizza, I thought that it was native to Revere Beach. In addition to many of the places already mentioned, most of which I've been to, let me add Bianchi's Pizza on Revere beach If the idea of oil and cheese running down the the pizza and the sides of your mouth appeals to you, try this place. They sell it by the slice or by the pie. Sit on the seawall and enjoy.