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Mar 11, 2002 09:57 AM

Chowhounds @ Home

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Whats your fastest, easiest, tastiest "at home" chow when you just gotta chow down? Here's mine:

Mixed 'pan-grilled' chicken and ribs:

Heat up a grill-type pan or cast iron skillet to smokin' hot & sear 'rubbed' chicken and/or rubbed boneless pork ribs, 3 - 4 mins each side. Center in pan, throw some string beans around the meats. Place the whole deal in HOT oven, 10 mins @ 400F. Add maybe bbq sauce or oriental stuff for last two mins. Serve with last nights pasta, rice or bread.

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  1. mine's somewhat similar:

    first i brown some shallots or garlic for a bit in olive oil & then take either porkchops or the freshest salmon filets i can hunt down, salted & peppered generously on both sides, and panfry for a nice crispy crust on both sides. a little thyme or mrs. dash does wonders as well.

    for veg, i'll chop up some onions and/or leeks and saute it with any combination of chopped or sliced zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, fennel, bok choy, kale, etc etc.

    a sprinkle of maldon's sea salt goes over everything.

    excellent with rice and a pile of kimchi.

    1. I have two lately:

      1) Wang's Fast Food Dumplings

      It's very difficult for me to think of a tastier, easier, at-home chow than the frozen dumplings from Wang's. They sell bags of fifty dumplings for about ten bucks each. My favorite are the spinach and the pork/leek. Some people like to get "fancy" and steam or boil them in a flavored broth. I prefer them boiled or steamed for ten minutes with no adornments other than your favorite Super 88 dumpling sauce on the side for dipping. Eight dumplings makes a decent meal.

      2. Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets

      A guilty pleasure of mine are chicken nuggets. I get all of the pleasure and none of the guilt with "The Perfect Nugget" from Bell & Evans. I have found them at the Bread & Circus on River Rd. in Cambridge and Zathmary's in Brookline, though they are two dollars cheaper at Bread & Circus than they are at Zathmary's. Bake and eat. They are not pre-cooked, so they take a little longer (20 minutes total), but they are chowhound-worthy and effortless to make!