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Mar 11, 2002 09:23 AM

Pigalle or Clio?

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Looking to take a business contact to dinner this weekend. I've been to Pigalle and loved it, but I've heard many refer to Clio as the best Boston has to offer. So the question is: Pigalle or Clio?

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  1. I was underwhelmed by Clio. Appetizers were good (I had yellowtail), but portions were very, very small. My entree, a veal chop, was bland and completely uninteresting. At $36, it should have been much better. I know some people that love this place, and others that have had a similar experience to mine, so maybe it depends on what you order. But at those prices, everything should be great, and it's not.

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      I haven't been to Pigalle yet but my feelings are the same about Clio. It was nice enough and I love the room, but the tiny portions and high prices are disappointing.

      1. re: Joanie

        I haven't been to Clio but an constantly bowled over by Pigalle's excellent service and fabulous food. It is delicious and a great dining experience without being over priced. I have never left Pigalle feeling even remotely hungry either!

      2. re: ellie

        I have to agree with the others regarding Clio. I was unimpressed and feel I hardly got any food, especially considering the prices. I have not been to Pigalle but will try it based on this post!

      3. Same experience with Clio. Very underwhelming considering the constant laudatory reviews the place gets. Service was laugably bad for a place with their supposed pedigree as well.

        I suggest you also consider Radius, which I have always found to be amazing, both food-wise and service wise. In my opinion, it is the best in town.


        1. Having been to Pigalle twice in the past six months, and Clio once last year, I would most likely give the nod to Pigalle. Service and food have been excellent both times and the atmosphere is comfortable. Clio had a bit of an attitude and the food was good not great. However, in contrast I had no issue with the serving size. I ate three courses and left feeling full, not on the verge of exploding as I have at many other places.

          Clio IS worth a try and may be a better place for business than Pigalle, which seems more cozy to me.


          1. I don't normally post to the Boston board, but have been checking it quite often recently. After spending a few weeks in Boston in October, I'm considering a move. Unlike the popular opinion, I have very good things to say about Clio. I personally think Ken Oringer is one of the top chefs in Boston if not in the U.S. I find the food there extremely cutting edge, with a variety of traditional and not so traditional ingredients. Though some people consider the food there a little gimmicky, I find it rather genuine and palate teasing. THe dining room is terribly stylish and I think the service is always top-notch. Give Clio a try.