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Mar 11, 2002 06:55 AM

Non-Boston question

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I have very bad luck with my computer freezing while reading the general New England board and now the Manhattan board (but not the south or west, weird). Trying to find good spots for dinner in a couple weeks (hopefully I'm not too late). I'll hit Odessa for a carbo load but not looking for ethnic, more "happening" spots serving new American, French or Italian. I've heard about Pastis but when I read up on it on Citysearch, it sounds like it might not be worth it. Anyone have suggestions for a fun place with a chance of a celebrity sighting in the $18-30 range? Thanks.

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  1. I had the freeze problem, until I re-installed my netscape...What browser are you using?

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      I use Netscape too. It's weird that New England and other groups read fine tho. I just tried Explorer and Manhattan worked so that's my solution.

      In the meantime, I guess I'll rely on Citysearch and Newyorkmetro for info.