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Mar 8, 2002 05:29 PM

high tea (where to go while the ritz is out of commission?)

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does anyone know where a group of 20-40 people might go for afternoon tea? that is, scones, tarts, cuke sandwiches, clotted cream & the whole bit? the ritz would be ideal were it not closed & under renovation. and word is that the new one on avery st is no match. we need a place within the city proper (either boston or cambridge), easily reachable by public transportation or at least relatively convenient to get to (ie., doesn't require caravaning -- in other words, Concord Inn is out). oh, another stipulation: the place should also be able to accomodate said number of people without having to shove them into a separate function room. it would be ideal if it weren't too exorbitant as well.

i'd be grateful for any suggestions at all, whether they satisfy my requirements or no (at least i can look into the possibility).

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  1. The Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons has a wonderful tea (in my opinion, notably better than the Ritz). I don't think you'd be able to take a party of 40 into there, however; maybe twenty with advance notice. Forty is a number that begs for a function room just about anywhere.

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    1. re: Karl S.

      Agreed- I've never managed to get in on Saturdays because they are always full, but the high tea at the Four Seasons always looks so great.

      BTW, I can't recommend the high tea at the Park Plaza. For one, it couldn't take your group, and secondly, we found the service and food to be pretty mediocre.

      Here's another idea- the chocolate buffet at the Meridien Hotel on Saturdays from 2-4 has an amazing selection of chocolate delectables and has lots of room for larger parties. Only from October through April, though.

      1. re: Chris VR

        I've sampled both the Four Seasons tea and the Meridien chocolate within the past month or so. The Bristol Lounge puts on a beautiful and delicious tea. The space is lovely and serene, clearly designed for intimate little groups, but if you call ahead, they may be able to arrange something for your group.

        The chocolate buffet at the Meridien runs from 12-3, actually, and there were several groups there, including one of about two dozen, seated at long tables. Again, call ahead, and don't miss the chocolate bread pudding.

    2. I've read that the MFA has tea but it might only be on weekdays. The Bristol Lounge does have a great tea but as mentioned, the size of your party probably won't work in the regular room.

      1. thanks for the suggestions -- i really appreciate all your help.