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Mar 7, 2002 10:01 AM


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Does anyone remember Butchie's BBQ? He started in the South End, on Washington Street (where Mike's City Diner is now). He was also in Central Square for a while and most recently, a few years ago, on Beacon Street in Somerville.
Butchie has opened the Avenue Cafe at 319 Western Ave in Cambridge in a store front a couple of blocks from Memorial Drive. GO THERE for some of the best Southern/Soul Food in Boston. All home made from scratch by Butchie himself.
Great fish, pork, and chicken dishes including catfish, jerk chicken, ribs, etc.
A wonderful seafood/okra gumbo; chicken and sausgae jambalaya; red beans and rice with assorted meats; assorted po-boy sandwiches.
Sides include home-made greens (vinegary and sweet at the same time); mac 'n cheese; slaw; mashed and dirty mashed potatos; candy sweets, etc.
Butchie makes each and every dessert: Sweet potato and pecan and key lime and lemon and coconut pies; deep dish cobblers (peach, blueberry); and a pinapple upside down cake you'll want to take home and savor for later.
He's fixed up this small storefront and made it comfy and homey. Stop by and have a bowl!

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  1. Butchie's food was great but he lacked in people skills. I used to go regularly when he ran Jimmie Mac's in Somerville and although he knew many of his customers, he often greeted them with a scowl and often made me feel like he was doing me a favor. He does well in situations where he is in a seperated from the public ie when he was cooking at Johnny D's. His food was very good.

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      Admittedly Butch has been hard to get to know but he seems to have mellowed. I've had a few nice conversations with him in the new location.
      He was running a catering truck near MIT for the last few years and served mounds of jerk chicken to students over there.


      1. re: Stevebop

        Inspired by your posting, I went there for lunch today. The spanish rice with chicken special (5.99) was pretty good, but probably not the best thing on the menu (three chicken wings, plenty of very tasty rice and a good little corn muffin). I got the take-out menu to peruse and I certainly plan to return for barbecue and po'boys, etc.
        The space is, as you said, very pleasant and cozy, with good blues playing on the cd player. Butch himself (no prior experience with him personally) was very nice, perhaps a bit shy.

        Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. re: MichaelB
          Heathen & Spells

          I'm curious to check out Butchies new local. We found that in his former (solo) spots, Jimmy Macs on Beacon & Butchies in Central sq, that not only was his demeanor rather unpleasant, but the food was inconsistent. The meat was often dry, and on occaision actualy cold !! (providing an unpleasant contrast to the warm sauce). Also his fries were sometimes lukewarm and soggy (esp. sweet potato). Then other times his food was excellent. One of the previous postings mentioned that he seems to have mellowed, maybe he's also become more consistent!! We'll certainly check it out !

    2. k
      Kansas Tornado

      Went to Avenue C on Western Ave. in Cambridge the other night and had very good fried chicken with mashed and gravy.

      Butch is not a bad guy, but would not come to mind as a great public relations person either.

      That said the food was great.