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Mar 6, 2002 03:33 PM

17 Summer Restaurant

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After living in California for 6 years I moved back to framingham to find many chains. I did find a great restaurant on the web, nearby, in Maynard called 17 Summer. They have innovative foods like on the west caost and some of the best steaks and freshest seafood I have had(better than Legal).Web started with Duck Pate and Crabby Crab Cakes, I had Duck with Cherry Sauce and my wife a Sirloin au Poivre. Very Tender. The prices are very reasonable and the wine list matches the food.It has a nice decor, one room modern, the other old and quaint.We love to support these small businesses as they try harder.

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  1. We live in a nearby town and have been to 17 Summer on several occasions. The food is consistently good; I love how the chef uses what's fresh; and in the summer he often uses produce from a farm in Stow. The service is always shaky, however, every time we go! We make a joke of it now. If you like 17 Summer, have you tried Chloe's on Main St in Hudson? There's a thread about it on the New England board, a bit of the way down.

    1. Just echoing the other good thoughts on this little gem. Sure the service is sometimes spotty, though well meaning so who cares, and the food is so wonderful! We live just a mile away, and still I forget, between the times we show up at their doorstep, just how every good the food is. The other night I had a pan roasted tuscan chicken breast -- nothing fancy, but so perfectly cooked, with this pan gravy. Yikes. Ordinary to extraordinary, I think.