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Mar 6, 2002 10:40 AM

Reasonably Prices Great Place - Sommerville/Cambridge

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Hi..I just moved up from NYC and I'm looking for some great places in the Sommerville/Cambridge area. My preference is for great food, relatively hip atmosphere, and not TOO pricey. Open to any types of food, etc. There are several like this in NYC, and I'm sure there are plenty here as well. Open to all suggestions and descriptions....thanks!

happy eating!

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  1. My favorite restaurant in the area is called eat. It's a little place in Union Sq. Sort of bistro-ish food, small menu, soft lighting, mellow staff. The kitchen can be a little slow, but the food is good enough that it's worth the wait. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "hip" place--it's definitely not a scene--but it's always cozy and comfortable. Entrees are in the $14-$18 range. Nothing over $20.

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      I've really been wondering about eat. I stop in the Thai place next door form time to time, and always take a peak at eat. Isn't that where they do guest chef's once a week? What type of menu is it?

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        Yeah, I think the guest chefs are on Mondays. I've never been for that, but have always wanted to. The menu is fairly small but nice. I usually have trouble deciding what to order. But let's see. On any given night you'd see maybe a salad or two, a soup, a thin crust pizza, and a couple other apps. Maybe 6 or 7 entrees--typically a couple of seafood dishes (seems to be whatever is trendy--like skate or wolffish), a pork dish, a steak, a roast chicken, maybe a duck or lamb dish, and then a vegetarian dish. The menu changes every couple months. Oh, and they haven't had it in quite a while, but they used to make a frozen chocolate mousse for dessert that was HEAVEN. Maybe it will return with the warmer weather.

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          Wow. Sounds excellent - I will have to try it out sometime! Thanks for your response!!

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            Eat's chef is moving to Daedalus in Harvard Square though...a pretty good move in my opinion. Daedalus has always been a really cool hip spot, and the food has always been pretty good, but could stand improvement. Hopefully the great food will find a comfortable home in it's newer environs. I love to eat a Daedalus (and stay for a few cocktails) so I look forward to the new chef.

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              Interesting. Any idea when the switch is happening? And who's going to be taking over at eat?

    2. You'll like the B Side on Windsor/Hampshire St. between Central and Inman Sq. Also the East Coast Grill and Jae's in Inman and Central Kitchen, Green St. Grill and Centro in Central Square. The Good Life connected to Centro is mediocre but has good drinks and is fun. Lots of ethnic places around there. The Independent in Union Sq. Somerville isn't bad and there's a bunch of stuff in Davis Sq.

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        I second Joanie's suggestions -- how did I forget the B-side, which is a very New York kind of place, with really great food. Central Kitchen and Centro have nice atmosphere -- oh, and another good one in central square is the Tunisian place, Baraka on Pearl Street.

      2. There's lots of good food in Cambridge/Somerville, but it's kinda tough to find a place with good food, cool atmosphere, and decent prices. Here are my top picks:

        For a hip spot for drinks and appetizers/light dinner, you can't beat the tiny bar at Chez Henri -- it's just above Harvard Square, just off Mass Ave. Great Latin drinks (mojito, caipirinha, etc), sexy, hip atmosphere, and a great pork Cubano sandwich that can feed two. Space is tight there, that's the only drawback.

        On Beacon St. in Cambridge/Somerville is Dali and Evoo... Dali is tapas and Evoo is sort of continental... Dali has great atmosphere, and pretty good tapas. Evoo is more of a special occasion spot.

        In Davis Sq., Gargoyles is nice for food and atmosphere, if a bit pricy, and Diva has good Indian food and nice atmosphere.

        There's a new restaurant/bar called the Red Line in Harvard square on JFK Street -- nice atmosphere, and some of their food is reasonably priced (i.e., burgers, salads and sandwiches). I don't know about how good the food is -- I had a spinach salad, which was fine.