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Mar 6, 2002 10:08 AM

Inexpensive Lobster Dinner in Boston Area

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I will be in Boston March 10-11 with my wife. We are looking for a good deal on Lobster dinners. We will be in downtown Boston but have a car. Any tips on where to go and the prices?


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  1. I just saw a sign outside of Jasper White's Summer shack. Twin lobster dinner $19.95. I think it's for Mon. Tues and early Saturday.

    Seems ok, just watch out the rest of the menu is pretty pricey.

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      I was also gonna suggest Jasper's. Plus I saw a twin lobster special at the Chinese place on Harvard Ave. between Comm and Brighton for really cheap.

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        If you are in the mood for Chinese, Ocean Wealth in Chinatown has a variety of lobster dishes- 3 lobsters cooked in your choice of sauce (scallion and ginger, black bean, garlic or pepper salt and chili) for $10 only. They also have a special $10 menu where there are about 30 other dishes to choose from and all are for $10 each.