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Mar 4, 2002 08:06 PM

New Butcher Shop

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I stopped in today at the Epicurean Meat Market...1704 Washington Mike's Mass Ave. This is definitely an up and coming area..Flour Bakery..10 gourmet hot dogs..Formaggios South End.. Very clean...hi quality beef, lamb, pork, and veal at prices far below Savenors. They buy a lot of their meat from Dewars in Newton..true butcher shop..they will cut steaks to order..2 hooves up.


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  1. ninelives, may I just say that I have no hesitation in declaring you officially The Bomb. Or if you prefer, The Meatmeister.

    Whether it comes to boston from the pasture, henhouse, free-range martian aquaculture, or the sea to you, if it can be butchered you are there appraising it.

    I don't know how you do it, keep a full time job, and still get to Peach Farm for eel. In fact I'm a little suspicious you're a secret KGB operative sent to monitor East Coast U.S. butchery technology ( was it you who suggested St. Petersburg? :) ), but whatever the story please continue to rock so majestically. Oh, and be sure to write about it. :)

    If I wore a hat it would be donned to you. It would also be worn at an angle so rakish I'd probably be removed from the state so for everyone's safety all hat-donnage will have to be virtual. However, if you ever want to give up your current industry and are considering a career as a manservent I will immediately begin posting as Bertie Wooster and would mortgage my firstborn for your culinary services.


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      wanna tilt that headband? or hairband..whatever they call it :)

    2. I was down there on Sat. and just looked in the window. Passed up the dogs at Code 10 but will make a trip soon. Ended up at Flour for a delicious piece of apple snackin cake. The sandwiches and soup there looked amazing. They need more space tho.

      1. As anyone heard about the new butcher shop that is supposed to be openned (or have opened) in Cambridge?

        Thanx, Sarah