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Mar 4, 2002 12:53 PM

Mother In Law's 85th!!

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I'm looking for a place to have a really nice
brunch on a Sunday for a very nice classy 85-
year old Lady. The Ritz is too expensive and
I don't want cheap eats. I'm looking for something
either in Boston or in Waltham or in between.
The lady Herself lives in Needham and people
are coming from NH. Entrees no more than $15.
Anybody know any really GOOD brunches???

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  1. Maybe a pot luck brunch. Could be fun.

    1. I'm showing my own obsessions, but is Dim Sum too strange? Chau Chow City is upscale, and definitely geared for groups and celebrations...Might be a bit much for a refined woman of a certain age, but hey, she may have fun!

      1. How about the blue room (do a search on the past postings) in Cambridge? It's slightly higher (I think it comes out to be $20? per person?)than $15, but great food.

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          I love the Blue Room brunch but how mobile is your mother in law? It gets very crowded there and involves weaving around tables and standing line.

        2. Appetito in Newton Centre has brunch and I assume Aquitaine in Chesnut Hill does too. I can't vouch for their brunch but their other food is quite good and both have a pretty nice atmosphere for an older lady.

          1. Look into the Wellesley College Club - I believe you can rent a small room for a private party.......