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Mar 4, 2002 10:51 AM

March 13 Chowdinner

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I know we had planned to try and meet on second Tuesday of each month. This date is tough for a few of us. How about Wed? Shanghai Garden? Does that work for anyone?

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  1. I wish you guys didn't meet mid-week. I'd like to tag along some time, but it's nearly impossible to get into town early enough after work.

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    1. re: Alan H

      Ahem...some of us from far far away might consider crashing one of your shindigs if y'all would make them on Fridays instead...hint, hint. Of course, the promise of more horseradish vodka might make a Tuesday possible, but Fridays are so much easier...

      1. re: Dennison

        Dennison..You don't have to've got an open invitatin..bro..:)Pick a Friday that works for you.

    2. Wednesday is okay but excuse my ignorance, where is Shanghai Garden? Is galleygirl going to be doing the ordering?

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      1. re: chuck s

        No, galleygirl will have to accede to a higher authority on this one, because the gems are said to be found on the Mandarin menu..Since my knowledge of Mandarin is comprised by a few phrases that would make a longshoreman blush, we must depend on a native speaker whom we can influence and mold to our devious plans!!!