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Mar 3, 2002 08:00 PM

sweet potato fries

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I'm a big fan of sweet potato fries. I've had them in three places, two of which I like a lot and one where they're just so-so.

Doyles in JP has great SPFs - thinly cut with a crispy and slightly salty outside. They're excellent.

The ones at Cambridge Commons are strangly shaped but quite yummy. They look like very thick ruffle potato chips. Cut this way, they are wonderfully crispy.

Finally, those at Johnny's Luncheonette are cut too thick for my taste, making them not too crisp and a little too potato-y. The random ones in the batch that get adequately crunchy are very good, though.

Anybody else have suggestions for places to get great sweet potato fries?

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  1. Rumor has it that the sweet potato fries at Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square are good but I haven't experienced them personally.

    If the quality of the Bartley's Burger is an indication of spf quality, however, they're probably worth checking out. Although it's off topic I'll just note for the record that if I'm in the area and want a burger you'll find me at O'Sullivans (on beacon st. in somerville) in front of a burger/fry combination that is positively wicked pissah. At least in my estimation it is...your mileage may vary.

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    1. re: Psmith

      I've had them, they are great.

      You can also make a lowfat version at home easily. Cut the potato into the side wedges you want, spray with olive oil, season (I usually use rosemary and salt & pepper), bake 350 for about 15-20 minutes until they get soft.

      1. re: Psmith

        I had the sweet potato fries at Bartleys and didn't love them -- they seemed underseasoned and a bit squishy. (I don't love the fries or the onion rings either, at Bartleys, so maybe I'm too fussy.)

        However, I can vouch for the excellence of Bartley's Peppermint Patty Frappe, the Bill Clinton Burger, the variety of cheeses they offer for burgers, the Lime Rickey, etc. All EXCELLENT, and even with the fries deficiencies, it's my favorite burger spot. I will have to try O'Sullivans next.

        1. re: beanbag

          I think my favorite sp fries are the ones at Johnny's Luncheonette on Mass Ave. They get my vote because of the quality of the sweet potatoes involved. Unlike a lot of places, they've actually been sweet and yellowish orange, rather than pale and starchy (not to mention any names, Tufts' Student Center cafeteria).

          The spf's at Cambridge Common are great, and served in a mound bigger than your head. Bartley's' are only so-so, much like their mediocre onion rings.

        2. re: Psmith

          I've had Bartley and I like them. If you like them a little more well done then just ask. It certainly goes well with a great burger

          1. re: fregro

            For well done sweet potato fries try The Avenue Cafe at 319 Western Avenue in Cambridge. Trust me!


        3. Dave's Famous, a lunch truck, and maybe, by now (hounds will know!!) and actual brick and mortar place...) up in Burlington and the Northshore, has sublimninal s.p. fries, to go along with their gourmet sandwiches....

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          1. re: galleygirl

            Where exactly in Burlington is Dave's Famous? I heard about it years ago but have never been. Thanks in advance! Oh, also, if you know, is it just open for lunch?

            1. re: MichaelB

              I too am a fan of sweet potato fries and David's (locately on Middlesex Turnpike near the Burlington Mall, link located below, only open for lunch). However, I must respectfully disagree about their s.p. fries -- I find them way too heavy & greasy. I do like the s.p. fries at Cafe 300 (on Summer St. near South Station).


          2. Boston Beer Works in Kenmore Square has them. I don't know how good they are- I can never make room after I help devour a bucket of sour cream and chive fries (with ranch dressing on the side!)