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Mar 3, 2002 03:29 PM

bean curd sheet source?

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I am looking for a source for pressed bean curd and bean curd sheets. I have looked in several Asian food stores (in Cambridge and one in Chinatown), but haven’t been able to find either of them. Can anyone recommend a place to find these items? I have some good-looking recipes I am dying to try but I need these ingredients! Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places in the stores themselves?

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  1. Fresh or dried? Super 88, of course, has them...The dried ones are near the dried noodles, and are called dried bean thread, among other things...On one pkg. I have, there is a photo of soybeans on the bottom few inches, and the sheets themselves look like beige stalagtites...The fresh ones are usually near the fresh tofu products...Would you mind sharing some of those recipes? I haven't found many!

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      Thanks! Super 88 is my next stop. The recipes are from this great cookbook called Tofu! Tofu! Tofu! (bilingual english and chinese) and available at your local online bookstore for like 5 dollars or something ridiculously cheap like that. Publsihed by Mu-Tsun Lee. I'll post a couple of recipes after I try one of the pressed bean curd ones!

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        Here's a 'recipe' I discovered recently.

        Break up dried tofu sheet into 3" pieces, deep-fry until brown and crispy. Salt or season as desired. Snack away.