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Mar 3, 2002 08:41 AM

Jelly Cup Support Group

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Those of you who (like me) have become addicted to this incedible edible snack (from Taiwan) also know it has recently been recalled for safty reasons (small kids can choke on the little delicious jelly plugs--to which I say, keep it away from kids!). A recent quest in Chinatown has illustrated to me and an equally frustrated friend that the recall has been fairly extensive--we covered 5 stores (including large and smaller) and finally found a small treasure at a gift shop on Washington (we pretty much cleared them out, to the amusement of the women behind the herb counter--or was it shock and dismay?). I'm thinking of starting a support group once I get through my stash.

Any other Jelly Cup addicts out there? What WILL we do?

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  1. h
    Hannah Kincaid

    Smuggling over the border, perhaps? Maybe they're still legal in Canada?

    Heh, you think I'm kidding... >:) I've always wanted to start a career in bootlegging. :)