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Mar 2, 2002 08:50 PM

Updated Thoughts on Centro?

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Hello folks.

Unless I have searched inadequately, I don't see any discussion of Centro in Central Square in over a year, and at the time there were some differing views. Can anyone offer updated thoughts on the place? It has received glowing notices elsewhere and I am curious if the chowhound crew thinks those are deserved or not.



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  1. I went to Centro Saturday and I thought it was great. My husband and I went there one other time, last summer, and he was not thrilled with his meal then. I liked mine and convinced him to try it again. Everything we had this time was successfull. We shared a pasta dish for a starter with calamari, calamata olives, and I forget what else (maybe arugala). My husband had venison w/ risotto/beet on side and I had black sea bass served w/ a lovely artichoke heart side. Both of us were very fond of the flavors, the quality ingredients and the perfectly cooked meals. Table bread and "butter" was a wonderful rye/sourdough and little ramekin w/ a bean/garlic?? (mild) puree type thing. The service was very friendly almost (but not quite) to the point of being over the top.