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Mar 2, 2002 02:25 PM

St. Petersburg and after

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I'll leave the detailed descriptions to the illustrious galleygirl but thought I'd share some reflections on the adventure of last night.

lessons learned:

1) cranberry vodka is dangerously yummy whilst simultaneously being oddly similar to cough medicine.

2) the chowhounds are a merry, plucky, and fun bunch

3) horseradish vodka is surprisingly good as well.

4) steve perry imitations performed in duet with Rubee while crammed into the back of a rental car are entertaining but unadvised.

5) the bartenders at 57 are literate and have an amazing and enviable capacity for name/face recognition. They are also genial and receive my wholehearted endorsement.

6) Never, except perhaps under strict, written, and notarized advisement, call a pretty young woman 'maam'. Perhaps everyone else knew this and I'm just hopelessly poorly socialized but if you were not aware it would behoove you to take note and live by this piece of knowledge.

7) recent field work suggests that the patrons of Brookline pubs are singularly unaroused by the sight of male patrons wearing female hair implements. Anthropologically the issue is a non-starter so if you were about to base a dissertation on the subject I'd suggest begging off the topic posthaste.

8) Vladimir, our primary waiter at St. Petersburg, is a cool guy and if he ever suggests you try the pressed chicken dish, well, that would be good advice.

9) Any thought of going home and writing c++ code after a Russian restaurant and two bars with the chowhounds should be vigorously, and with extreme prejudice, suppressed.


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  1. The illustrious galleygirl is feeling less-than industrious today, due, no doubt, to the cumulative effects of the aforementioned Russian Gala..Review to follow tomorrow...

    Nice headband... ;)

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    1. re: galleygirl

      alive and well..just barely...anxious to read the review.

    2. c
      Chief of Poweshiek

      The Chief will not be holding regular office hours today due to unanticipated effects of last night's Russian adventure. Regular business hours will resume some other day, whenever that might be. Enough said.

      1. Ooh, I'm so jealous! I unexpectedly had to work late (on a Friday no less!) and couldn't make it. But glad to hear you had a raucously good time! Until next time...

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        1. re: Jujubee

          PSmith - very entertaining! Although I'm not sure I should say "thank you" for being reminded of events that were better left forgotten (i.e, "Back to the 80's" with Steve Perry and Journey!!) ;)


        2. m
          Ms. Bluebirds

          Ha ha ha ha! great memory PSmith... after all that WODKA!!!!

          Great time again, even though I didn't get the pleasure of joining you all till after dinner. Thanks for letting me join in the post festivities.

          P.S. Stay strong with the headband...people will catch on :)