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Mar 1, 2002 12:05 PM

new restaurants in Davis Sq area

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has tried any of the new places that have sprung up recently in Davis Sq.--Sabur, Orleans, and Antonia's. I haven't heard much about any of them.

Also if anyone has any recommendations for good pizza in the area, it would be appreciated. I'm getting desperate, and Dial-A-Pizza ain't cutting it.


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  1. depasquale on Main St. Medford has a great pizza with a nice crunchy dough. It's not too far from Davis.

    There is another place in Teele Sq. that's pretty good too, unfortunately I forget the name.

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    1. re: horrible

      I think the pizza place in Teale Sq. that you are thinking of is Angelina's. Is that right?

      1. re: Dave M.P.

        Angelina's Exactly. I've got to try theo's next

    2. Personally, I think Theo's has the best pizza in the neighborhood -- they are in Teele Square as well. Dial-a-Pizza is barely even pizza. Others contend that Christo's right in Davis Square is hands down the winner. You might try both and then let us know what YOU prefer.

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      1. re: yumyum91

        CHRISTO'S!! I love that place. Everytime I order from them I'm happy. Their calzones are great! (I find that it's difficult to even find Calzones in this area sometimes...). Their wings are very good as well.

        1. re: yumyum91

          I will certainly do that. Looks like Angelina's, Theo's, and Christo's will all have to be taste-tested soon.

        2. I've been to Orleans & Antonia's.

          I liked Orleans atmosphere and the food is pretty good. It's kind of like Temple Bar/Independant and nicely fills a void in Davis Sq. But a friend who had been there said they didn't cook his steak as requested.

          Antonia's food is just okay in my opinion. Buena Vita in Ball Sq. has the same type stuff that they do a little better and for less. The Antonia's sauces are very heavy on the olive oil. The owners/staff all seem very nice and accomodating though.

          I'm interested in finding out about Sabur & the very new Savanah Grill.

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          1. re: SEH

            Thanks for the info. I'll definitely give Orleans a shot. Sabur looks the most interesting, I have to admit, so that will certainly be on my list. And I've been looking for an excuse to try Buona Vita. Glad to hear that it's decent!

            1. re: SEH

              I enjoyed Antonia's. The red sauce is simple, fresh tomato sauce--gently seasoned but big on flavor. The only fresh pasta on the menu is the manicotti--oh so creamy! The chicken marsala was way too sweet though (I must admit it was the first time I ordered a marsala dish at a restaurant--are they always real sweet?). The salad was a nice, fresh mix of field greens. Overall, we really enjoyed it. It's a fun, cozy, affordable place that I'll definitely go back too. The biggest flaw is the olive oil served with the bread. It's totally bland. They need to switch to a more flavorful brand.